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MC302218: Microsoft Teams: Configure your activity feed notifications

Users will be able to control the type of notifications that appear in their activity feed. Right click on the feed item, and you will be able to turn on/off all reactions or stop specific app notifications from surfacing in the activity feed. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88400.

MC302218: Microsoft Teams: Configure your activity feed notifications

A key user pain point in activity today is that important information is getting buried and there is just too much noise. Reaction and App activities are one of the top culprits and the ability to turn them off is a top 3 ask from Microsoft’s users. These controls have always been available in Global Notification Settings, yet Microsoft continues to hear feedback on this from users due to its low discovery.

This calls for a feature that would empower users to intuitively control their notification experience for certain activity feed items by leveraging the existing notification settings. Hence, as a part of the MVP for contextual notification settings, Microsoft is building the following features that would enable users to control certain notification settings directly from the activity feed item:

  • turn on/off reactions directly from the activity feed
  • turn on/off notifications for a specific app directly from the activity feed.

When this will happen

This feature is currently in Public Preview.

We expect to begin the Standard Release roll out in mid-January (previously mid-December) and expect the rollout to be fully completed by late January (previously late December).

How this will affect your organization

This will empower the users to have greater control over what they see in Activity Feed today. Users who feel that reactions and certain app notifications are noise and adversely affect their activity feed triaging, can simply turn those activities off directly from the feed item by accessing the context menu. This feature is expected to address one of the top user DSATs of the feeds feature area.

What you need to do to prepare

You may want to update your documentation accordingly.

Message ID: MC302218
Published: 07 December 2021
Updated: 14 December 2021
Effective: 07 December 2021
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