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Must-Know Keyboard Shortcuts of Notepad++ for Windows

Notepad++ is a great text editor and you can make it even better by using these Windows keyboard shortcuts. Whether you’re a programmer looking for a simple solution to dump your code, or you’re searching for an easy-to-use text editor with more shazam, Notepad++ is a fine choice.

Must-Know Keyboard Shortcuts of Notepad++ for Windows

Available for Windows, Notepad++ is a free text and source code editor that offers persistent tabs that auto-save your content. It might not display all of the bells and whistles on first look, but Notepad++ certainly offers much more than Windows’ native Notepad. Plus, best of all, it’s free.

To help you use Notepad++ like a pro, we’ve put together this mega list of all the keyboard shortcuts you need to know.

Content Summary

Incremental Search


Ctrl + OOpen the File
Ctrl + NNew File
Ctrl + SSave File
Ctrl + Alt + SSave As
Ctrl + Shift + SSave All
Ctrl + PPrint the File
Alt + F4Exit the File
Ctrl + TabOpen the next Document
Ctrl + Shift + TabOpen the previous Document
Ctrl + WClose current Document
Ctrl + NumpadNavigate to the n-th Document


Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + InsertCopy
Ctrl + Shift + TCopy the current line to the clipboard
Ctrl + XCut
Shift + DeleteCut
Ctrl + VPaste
Shift + InsertPaste
Ctrl + ZUndo
Alt + BackspaceUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + ASelect All
Alt + Shift + Arrow KeysColumn Mode Select
Ctrl + Left Mouse ClickStart the new selected area
Alt + CColumn Editor
Ctrl + DDuplicate the Current Line
Ctrl + TSwitch the current line position with the previous line position
Ctrl + Shift + UpMove the Current Line
Ctrl + Shift + DownMove the Current Line
Ctrl + Left Mouse ClickDelete the Current Line
Ctrl + ISplit Lines
Ctrl + JJoin Lines
Ctrl + GLaunch the GoToLine Dialog
Ctrl + QSingle line comment
Ctrl + Shift + QSingle line uncomment
Ctrl + KToggle the single line comment
Ctrl + Shift + KBlock comment
TabInsert indent
Shift + TabInsert outdent
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete to the start of the word
Ctrl + DeleteDelete to the end of the word
Ctrl + Shift + BackspaceDelete to the start of the line
Ctrl + Shift + DeleteDelete to the end of the line
Ctrl + UConvert to lower case
Ctrl + Shift + UConvert to upper case
Ctrl + BGo to matching brace
Ctrl + SpaceLaunch the CallTip ListBox
Ctrl + Shift + SpaceLaunch the Function Completion ListBox
Ctrl + Alt + SpaceLaunch the Path Completion ListBox
Ctrl + EnterLaunch the Word Completion ListBox
Ctrl + Alt + RText Direction RTL
Ctrl + Alt + LText Direction LTR
EnterSplit the line downwards
Shift + EnterSplit the line downwards
Ctrl + Alt + EnterInsert new unindented line above the current one
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + EnterInsert new unindented line below the current one
Ctrl + FLaunch Find Dialog
Ctrl + HLaunch Find/Replace Dialog
F3Find Next
Shift + F3Find Previous
Ctrl + Shift + F3Find in Files
F7Switch to the Search Results window
Ctrl + Alt + F3Find (volatile) Next
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F3Find (volatile) Previous
Ctrl + F3Select and Find Next
Ctrl + Shift + F3Select and Find Previous
F4Got to next found
Shift + F4Go to previous found
Ctrl + Shift + IIncremental Search
Ctrl + NJump Down
Ctrl + Shift + NJump Up
Ctrl + F2Toggle Bookmark
F2Go to the Next Bookmark
Shift + F2Go to the Previous Bookmark
Ctrl + BGo to the Matching Brace
Ctrl + Alt + BSelect All between the Matching Braces


Ctrl + Shift + RStart to record / Stop recording the macro
Ctrl + Shift + PPlay the recorded macro
Alt + Shift + STrim Trailing and Save


F5Launch Run Dialog
Alt + F1Get PHP help
Alt + F2Google search
Alt + F3Wikipedia search
Alt + F5Open file
Alt + F6Open file in another instance
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ROpen in Chrome
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + XOpen in Firefox
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + IOpen in IE
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + FOpen in Safari
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + OSend via Outlook

Incremental Search

EnterNext match
Shift + EnterPrevious match


Ctrl + (Keypad-/Keypad+)Zoom in and zoom out
Ctrl + Keypad/Restore the original size
F11Toggle full screen
F12Toggle Post-It mode
Ctrl + Alt + FCollapse the current level
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + FUncollapse the current level
Alt + 0Fold all
Alt + (1~8)Collapse the level (1~8)
Alt + Shift + 0Unfold all
Alt + Shift + (1~8)Uncollapse the level (1~8)
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