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InTheBox mobile malware marketplace

Updated on 2022-12-05: InTheBox

Threat intel analysts at Resecurity said they discovered a new underground cybercrime portal named InTheBox, where malware developers are selling templates for mobile banking login pages. Also known as webinjects, these templates can be used by a variety of Android banking trojans and prompt users to enter their banking account information after they infected their smartphones. Resecurity said the portal launched back in January 2020 and has sold webinject templates compatible with Android banking trojans such as Alien, Cerberus, Ermac, Hydra, Octopus, Poison, and MetaDroid. Different webinject templates can also be acquired, including variations that can also collect two-factor authentication codes, payment card details, or other personal information. Read more: “In The Box” – Mobile Malware Webinjects Marketplace



Resecurity identified the largest mobile malware marketplace on the dark web, dubbed InTheBox, which is used by threat actors to target more than 300 financial institutions, payment systems, and others across 43 nations. Read more: Exclusive: The largest mobile malware marketplace identified by Resecurity in the Dark Web



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