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How to Save or Kill Petrified Drow in Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Saving the petrified drow requires using basilisk oil or killing the spectator, a type of beholder that guards an adamantine forge. Saving them can result in different outcomes depending on the order and method of doing so.
  • Killing the petrified drow requires using bludgeoning damage or explosives. Killing them gives some loot, but no experience points or other consequences.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing game that lets you explore the vast and rich world of Faerun, where you can encounter various creatures, factions, and events. One of the locations you can visit is the Underdark, a dark and dangerous realm beneath the surface, where you can find a group of petrified drow near a Selunite temple. These drow were turned to stone by a spectator, a type of beholder that guards ancient secrets and treasures. In this article, we will explain how you can save or kill these petrified drow, and what are the consequences and rewards of each choice.

How to Save or Kill Petrified Drow in Baldur’s Gate 3

Saving the Petrified Drow

If you want to save the petrified drow, you have two options: using basilisk oil or killing the spectator.

Using Basilisk Oil

Basilisk oil is a potion that can reverse the effects of petrification. You can find it in a chest behind a stone arch with spiderwebs near the petrified drow. To use it, you need to drag it from your inventory to the target drow, or right-click on it and select “Use”. This will free the drow from their stone prison and restore their health and abilities.

However, there is a catch: the drow are not friendly to surface races, and they will attack you as soon as they are freed. Unless you are playing as a female drow yourself, or have one in your party, you will have to fight them or flee from them. The only exception is if you manage to kill the spectator before freeing the drow, which we will explain in the next section.

Killing the Spectator

The spectator is the source of the petrification spell that affects the drow. It is located in a nearby chamber, where it guards an adamantine forge that the drow were looking for. To reach it, you need to jump across some platforms and enter a portal that leads to its lair. There, you will trigger a cutscene where the spectator will confront you and offer you a deal: if you leave the forge alone, it will let you go. You can accept or decline its offer, or try to persuade it to give you the forge.

If you decline its offer or fail to persuade it, you will have to fight it. The spectator is a powerful enemy that can cast various spells, such as eye rays, charm person, confusion, and fear. It also has high resistance to most types of damage, except for radiant and force damage. To defeat it, you need to use your best abilities and items, and focus on its main eye, which is its weak point.

If you manage to kill the spectator before freeing any of the petrified drow, they will remain friendly towards you when you free them with basilisk oil. They will thank you for saving them and reward you with some gold and items. They will also tell you more about their quest for the adamantine forge and their leader Dhourn. You can then decide whether to help them or not.

Killing the Petrified Drow

If you don’t want to save the petrified drow, or if you want to loot them for their belongings, you can kill them while they are still in stone form. To do this, you need to use weapons or spells that deal bludgeoning damage, such as maces, hammers, flails, or shocking grasp. You can also use explosives or environmental hazards to shatter them.

Killing the petrified drow will give you some loot from them, such as gold, weapons, armor, and items. However, this option has no other benefits or consequences. You will not gain any experience points from killing them, nor will you affect your reputation with any faction or character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers related to saving or killing petrified drow in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Question: Can I save some of the petrified drow and kill others?

Answer: Yes, you can choose which drow to save or kill. However, if you free any of them before killing the spectator, they will all become hostile towards you.

Question: Can I free Dhourn without fighting the spectator?

Answer: No, Dhourn is under the spectator’s control and will not be freed unless you kill it.

Question: Can I get the adamantine forge without fighting the spectator?

Answer: Yes, if you succeed in persuading it to give it to you. However, this requires a high charisma score and skill check.

Question: What happens if I leave the petrified drow alone?

Answer: Nothing special. They will remain in their stone state until someone else frees or kills them.


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