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5 Steps to Solve Fountain Puzzle and Unlock Silver Bird Room in Another Code Recollection

The Silver Sprout Key is a vital item in Another Code: Recollection, as it opens the door to the Silver Bird Room, where the secrets of the missing character D are hidden. To get the key, you need to solve a challenging puzzle involving a fountain and its water system.

5 Steps to Solve Fountain Puzzle and Unlock Silver Bird Room in Another Code Recollection

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Find the Fountain

The key was thrown into the fountain, so you need to locate it first.

Step 2: Replace the Dirty Water

The fountain is filled with dirty water, so you need to find a clean water source and use it to flush out the dirt.

Step 3: Turn off the Sprinklers

The fountain is surrounded by sprinklers that interfere with the puzzle. You need to turn off some of them to keep the water pressure stable.

Step 4: Use Switching Devices

Near the fountain, there are switching devices that control the water flow. You need to use them to direct the water to certain parts of the fountain.

Step 5: Clean the Fountain

The key is hidden on the goat symbol in the fountain. You need to clean the fountain with the water to reveal the key and grab it.

Why the Silver Sprout Key Matters The Silver Sprout Key unlocks the Silver Bird Room in the West Wing Hallway, where you can learn more about D’s life and disappearance. This is crucial for the game’s plot and your progress.

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