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How to Master Turnip Boy Robs a Bank Achievement

Join Turnip Boy and the Pickled Gang in the craziest heist of the year at the Botanical Bank. Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, released on January 18, 2024, by Snoozy Kazoo and Graffiti Games, has received rave reviews from 308 players.

You’ll have to outsmart the cops, loot the vaults, and use bizarre gadgets from the dark web in this whimsical and hilarious bank-robbing adventure. Learn how to unlock all the achievements and enjoy the most fun and unique game ever!

How to Master Turnip Boy Robs a Bank Achievement

How to Unlock All Achievements in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank

  • Breaking and entering: Break into the bank
  • Illegal goods: Buy something from the dark web
  • Woah! Guns!: Use the weapon rack
  • For science!: Research a weapon
  • Better, faster, stronger: Buy a Robo-Roid
  • Buy yourself something nice: Steal $1,000
  • Rolling in it: Steal $10,000
  • Hiding your wealth: Steal $100,000
  • Please stop asking me…: Steal $1,000,000
  • Down the rabbit hole: Beat Yeehaw
  • Sour apple: Beat the Rotten Candy Apple
  • Thiccc and snatched: Beat Mecha-Chad
  • Killed another human…?: Beat Uncle Rigsby
  • JACKPOT!!!: Find the Mysterious Motherlode
  • Found dad’s old stuff: Find dad’s stuff
  • See you later space turnip…: Rob the bank
  • But at what cost…: Beat the final boss
  • Photography student: Take all the photos
  • High fashion: Get all the hats
  • Ol’ natural: Buy all the Robo-Roids
  • Five star customer: Buy all the items from the dark web
  • Five head: Max out weapon research
  • Completionist: Finish all tasks

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