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Quick Fix for DayZ BIOS Error 0x00050017 to Stay in the Game!

Struggling to play DayZ on Xbox One due to BIOS Error (0x00050017)? Reinstalling the game on Series S but still facing server issues? This error has left many gamers frustrated.

BIOS Error (0x00050017)
Communication error, resource unreachable or unavailable.
(Exchange XBOXAuthCode)=0x800C0008)

Quick Fix for DayZ BIOS Error 0x00050017 to Stay in the Game!


Despite attempts to reset the MAC address, play on XCloud, or switch storage, the problem persists. Uninstallation, online searches, and reaching out to Bohemian Interactive have yielded no solutions.

If you’re among those troubled by this BIOS Error preventing DayZ launch on Xbox consoles, this guide provides a workaround to tackle this persistent issue. Follow these steps to resolve this obstacle and continue enjoying your gameplay.”

Solution: Unlock via router security settings to resolve BIOS Error 0x00050017

To fix error code 0x00050017 on your Xbox console, consider unlocking via your router’s security settings. While this workaround is older, it has resolved the issue for some gamers and is worth a try.

Access your router’s settings by logging into its page, navigate to the security section, and unblock Alternatively, you can add to the whitelist. Applying either of these adjustments should address the DayZ ‘Bios Error’ (0x00050017) on your Xbox console.

For more specialized assistance, it’s advisable to contact DayZ support. Their team might offer specific solutions or insights into ongoing server issues causing errors. Reaching out to their support can provide personalized guidance to help resolve the persistent problem you’re encountering.

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