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[Solved] How To Fix Most Common iOS 10 Issues

Here are the guide for how to solve most common iOS 10 issues including the biggest iOS 10 bugs, app crashes, running out of storage, worse battery life, bluetooth stop working, iMessage effects and other complaints.

App crashes

When you update to iOS 10, chances are not all of your old apps will work as expected. All you need to do to solve 95% of these app woes is delete the troublesome app and then reinstall it.

Running out of storage

Expand the iPhone’s storage with the following external drives: Plug-in Lightning flash drives, External drives with Lightning connection, Wireless drives or Cloud storage.

Disable having to push the home button to unlock iPhone with Touch ID

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button. One of the options called ‘Rest Finger to Open’ and it’s disabled by default. Turn this on with a tap of the virtual switch and you’ll no longer have to push the button to unlock iOS device.

Worse battery life

Go to Settings > Battery. In this menu you’ll see a handy breakdown of everything that’s been sapping your iOS device’s power. Tap the ‘Last 4 days’ tab to get a more accurate report. If the top of the power-sucking table is inhabited by an app that you don’t really need, then getting rid of it could help to get your battery life back to normal.

Anything with ‘Background activity’ next to it is allowed to operate even when you’re not actively using it, which means it could be draining iPhone or iPad’s battery without knowledge. If this is the case, go to Settings > General> Background App Refresh. Turn this feature off for the biggest power-draining offenders.

If you find yourself running low on power when you’re nowhere near a plug socket, try activating Apple’s Low Power Mode. Go to Settings > Battery. This turns off some key iOS features but will help to prolong your device’s remaining life, so you can keep in touch with your contacts.

Bluetooth has stopped working properly

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings option. You’ll need to re-enter your WiFi details when this is done, as well as pairing your Bluetooth kit again. Note that this method can also be used to resolve most WiFi issues in iOS 10.

New emails don’t appear or the Mail app won’t accept your password

This can be resolved by removing the impacted email account and starting again. To do this, Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts. Select the account that you’re having issues with and choose sign out. With that done, hit ‘Add Account’ and re-enter your details.

iMessage effects

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion option, which will either be on or off. If it’s on, give it a poke and flip the virtual switch to turn it off. You should then see those snazzy iMessage special effects.

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