Cheat Sheet of Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Workflow Shortcuts

With Final Cut Pro X, you can edit video on macOS with powerful control over audio, motion graphics, and delivery, help your transition step into production from start to finish. This handy list of Final Cut Pro X shortcuts helps you focus on what’s important.

Cheat Sheet of Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Workflow Shortcuts
Cheat Sheet of Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Workflow Shortcuts

Table of contents

Application Shortcuts
Navigation and Playback
General Shortcuts

Application Shortcuts

Hide appCmd + H
Minimize appCmd + M
Open LibraryCmd + O
Quit appCmd + Q
Open preferencesCmd + Comma (,)
Command editorOption + Cmd + K
Redo changeShift + Cmd + Z
Undo changeCmd + Z
Application Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Select clipC
Copy selectionCmd + C
DuplicateCmd + D
Cut the selectionCmd + X
Create storylineCmd + G
Create auditionCmd + Y
BladeCmd + B
Blade allShift + Cmd + B
Select allCmd + A
Deselect allShift + Cmd + A
Change durationControl + D
Adjust volume relativeControl + L
Adjust volume absoluteControl + Option + L
Delete selection onlyOption + Cmd + Delete
Enable/Disable clipV
Toggle storyline modeG
Trim endOption + Right Brancket (])
Trim startOption + Left Brancket ([)
Trim to selectionOption + Backslash (\)
Editing Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Match colorOption + Cmd + M
Match audioShift + Cmd + M
Copy effectsOption + Cmd + C
Copy keyframesOption + Shift + C
Cut keyframesOption + Shift + X
Paste keyframesOption + Shift + V
Paste effectsOption + Cmd + V
Paste attributesShift + Cmd + V
Next textOption + Tab
Previous textOption + Shift + Tab
Effects Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Add captionOption + C
Edit captionControl + Shift + C
Add markerM
Add markers and modifyOption + M
Show all clipsControl + C
Clear selected rangesOption + X
Clear range endOption + O
Clear range startOption + I
Delete markerControl + M
Delete markers in selectionControl + Shift + M
Range selection toolR
Select clip rangeX
Set clip endO
Set clip end (while editing a text field)Control + O
Set clip startI
Set clip start (while editing a text field)Control + I
Removes ratings from a selectionU
Marking Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


New eventOption + N
New folderShift + Cmd = N
Synchronize clipsOption + Cmd + G
Reveal selected clip in the browserShift + F
Reveal project in the browserOption + Shift + Cmd + F
Organization Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X
Turn skimming on/offS
Audio skimming on/offShift + S
Clip skimming on/offOption + Cmd + S
Go to previous frameLeft arrow
Go to previous fieldOption + Left Arrow
Go back ten framesShift + Left Arrow
Go to next frameRight arrow
Go to next subframeOption + Right Arrow
Go forward ten framesShift + Right Arrow
Go to beginningHome key
Go to endEnd key
Go to previous editSemicolon (;)
Go to next editApostrophe (‘)
Monitor audioShift + A
Play forwardL
Play in reverseJ
Play selectionSlash (/)
Play to endControl + Shift + O
Start or pause playbackSpace bar
Stop playbackK
Start/Stop voiceover recordingOption + Shift + A
Navigation and Playback Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Arrow toolA
Blade toolB
Hand toolH
Position toolP
Trim toolT
Zoom toolZ
Crop toolShift + C
Distort toolOption + D
Transform toolShift + T
Tools Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Zoom inCmd + Plus sign
Zoom outCmd + Minus sign
Zoom to fitShift + Z
Zoom to samplesControl + Z
View clip namesOption + Shift + N
Show/Hide audio animationControl + A
Show/Hide video animationControl + V
Show/Hide skimmer infoControl + Y
Decrease clip heightShift + Cmd + Hyphen (-)
Increase clip heightShift + Cmd + Equal sign (=)
Increase waveform size (clip appearance)Control + Option + Up arrow
Decrease waveform size (clip appearance)Control + Option + Down arrow
Viewing Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Go to browserCmd + 1
Go to timelineCmd + 2
Go to viewerCmd + 3
Show/Hide inspectorCmd + 4
Show/Hide effects browserCmd + 5
Go to color boardCmd + 6
Show/Hide video scopesCmd + 7
Go to audio enhancementsCmd + 8
Show/Hide background tasksCmd + 9
Show/Hide voice recorderOption + Cmd + 8
Windows Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X

General Shortcuts

FindCmd + F
Import mediaCmd + I
New projectCmd + N
Project propertiesCmd + J
Render selectionControl + R
Render allControl + Shift + R
General Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X