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Cheat Sheet of Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Workflow Shortcuts

With Final Cut Pro X, you can edit video on macOS with powerful control over audio, motion graphics, and delivery, help your transition step into production from start to finish. This handy list of Final Cut Pro X shortcuts helps you focus on what’s important.

Cheat Sheet of Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Workflow Shortcuts

Cheat Sheet of Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Workflow Shortcuts

Table of contents

Application Shortcuts
Navigation and Playback
General Shortcuts

Application Shortcuts

Hide app Cmd + H
Minimize app Cmd + M
Open Library Cmd + O
Quit app Cmd + Q
Open preferences Cmd + Comma (,)
Command editor Option + Cmd + K
Redo change Shift + Cmd + Z
Undo change Cmd + Z
Application Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Select clip C
Copy selection Cmd + C
Duplicate Cmd + D
Cut the selection Cmd + X
Create storyline Cmd + G
Create audition Cmd + Y
Blade Cmd + B
Blade all Shift + Cmd + B
Select all Cmd + A
Deselect all Shift + Cmd + A
Change duration Control + D
Adjust volume relative Control + L
Adjust volume absolute Control + Option + L
Delete Delete
Delete selection only Option + Cmd + Delete
Enable/Disable clip V
Toggle storyline mode G
Trim end Option + Right Brancket (])
Trim start Option + Left Brancket ([)
Trim to selection Option + Backslash (\)
Editing Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Match color Option + Cmd + M
Match audio Shift + Cmd + M
Copy effects Option + Cmd + C
Copy keyframes Option + Shift + C
Cut keyframes Option + Shift + X
Paste keyframes Option + Shift + V
Paste effects Option + Cmd + V
Paste attributes Shift + Cmd + V
Next text Option + Tab
Previous text Option + Shift + Tab
Effects Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Add caption Option + C
Edit caption Control + Shift + C
Add marker M
Add markers and modify Option + M
Show all clips Control + C
Clear selected ranges Option + X
Clear range end Option + O
Clear range start Option + I
Delete marker Control + M
Delete markers in selection Control + Shift + M
Range selection tool R
Select clip range X
Set clip end O
Set clip end (while editing a text field) Control + O
Set clip start I
Set clip start (while editing a text field) Control + I
Removes ratings from a selection U
Marking Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


New event Option + N
New folder Shift + Cmd = N
Synchronize clips Option + Cmd + G
Reveal selected clip in the browser Shift + F
Reveal project in the browser Option + Shift + Cmd + F
Organization Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X
Turn skimming on/off S
Audio skimming on/off Shift + S
Clip skimming on/off Option + Cmd + S
Go to previous frame Left arrow
Go to previous field Option + Left Arrow
Go back ten frames Shift + Left Arrow
Go to next frame Right arrow
Go to next subframe Option + Right Arrow
Go forward ten frames Shift + Right Arrow
Go to beginning Home key
Go to end End key
Go to previous edit Semicolon (;)
Go to next edit Apostrophe (‘)
Monitor audio Shift + A
Play forward L
Play in reverse J
Play selection Slash (/)
Play to end Control + Shift + O
Start or pause playback Space bar
Stop playback K
Start/Stop voiceover recording Option + Shift + A
Navigation and Playback Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Arrow tool A
Blade tool B
Hand tool H
Position tool P
Trim tool T
Zoom tool Z
Crop tool Shift + C
Distort tool Option + D
Transform tool Shift + T
Tools Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Zoom in Cmd + Plus sign
Zoom out Cmd + Minus sign
Zoom to fit Shift + Z
Zoom to samples Control + Z
View clip names Option + Shift + N
Show/Hide audio animation Control + A
Show/Hide video animation Control + V
Show/Hide skimmer info Control + Y
Decrease clip height Shift + Cmd + Hyphen (-)
Increase clip height Shift + Cmd + Equal sign (=)
Increase waveform size (clip appearance) Control + Option + Up arrow
Decrease waveform size (clip appearance) Control + Option + Down arrow
Viewing Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X


Go to browser Cmd + 1
Go to timeline Cmd + 2
Go to viewer Cmd + 3
Show/Hide inspector Cmd + 4
Show/Hide effects browser Cmd + 5
Go to color board Cmd + 6
Show/Hide video scopes Cmd + 7
Go to audio enhancements Cmd + 8
Show/Hide background tasks Cmd + 9
Show/Hide voice recorder Option + Cmd + 8
Windows Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X

General Shortcuts

Find Cmd + F
Import media Cmd + I
New project Cmd + N
Project properties Cmd + J
Render selection Control + R
Render all Control + Shift + R
General Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X

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