Cheat Sheet of Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Microsoft PowerPoint is the best way to create, edit, and present dynamic presentations for school, college, work, or any function. It’s powerful software, but you want to spend your time perfecting the content of the presentation rather than fiddling around in menus.

Cheat Sheet of Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
Cheat Sheet of Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

That’s why we’ve put together this list of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows. It contains all the PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts you’re going to need.

Table of contents

Creating presentations

Creating presentations

New presentationCtrl + N
New slideCtrl + M
Save presentationCtrl + S
Insert pictureAlt + N, P
Insert shapeAlt + N, S, H
Slide layoutAlt + H, L
Next slidePage down
Previous slidePage up
Move selected slide upCtrl + Up
Move selected slide downCtrl + Down
Move selected slide to the beginningCtrl + Shift + Up
Move selected slide to the endCtrl + Shift + Down
Home tabAlt + H
Insert tabAlt + N
Add commentCtrl + N
Reply to commentCtrl + R
Close PowerPointCtrl + Q
Keyboard shortcuts to create presentations on PowerPoint


FileAlt + F
HomeAlt + H
InsertAlt + N
DesignAlt + G
TransitionsAlt + K
AnimationsAlt + A
Slide ShowAlt + S
ReviewAlt + R
ViewAlt + W
HelpAlt + Y
Keyboard shortcuts for Ribbon on Microsoft PowerPoint


Start the presentation from beginningF5
Start the presentation from the current slideShift + F5
Start the presentation in Presenter ViewAlt + F5
Next animation/slideN
Previous animation/slideP
Display black slideB
Display white slideW
Stop/restart an automatic presentationS
Go to the slide number specifiedNumber, then Enter
To the first slideHome
To the last slideEnd
Set timingsT
Record narration and timingR
Play/pause mediaAlt + P
Stop mediaAlt + Q
Increase volumeAlt + Up
Decrease volumeAlt + Down
MuteAlt + U
Cycle hotspotTab
Context menuShift + F10
Show taskbarCtrl + T
End presentationEsc
Keyboard shortcuts for presenting in Microsoft PowerPoint