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Cheat Sheet of Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Microsoft PowerPoint is the best way to create, edit, and present dynamic presentations for school, college, work, or any function. It’s powerful software, but you want to spend your time perfecting the content of the presentation rather than fiddling around in menus.

Cheat Sheet of Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Cheat Sheet of Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

That’s why we’ve put together this list of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows. It contains all the PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts you’re going to need.

Table of contents

Creating presentations

Creating presentations

New presentation Ctrl + N
New slide Ctrl + M
Save presentation Ctrl + S
Insert picture Alt + N, P
Insert shape Alt + N, S, H
Slide layout Alt + H, L
Next slide Page down
Previous slide Page up
Move selected slide up Ctrl + Up
Move selected slide down Ctrl + Down
Move selected slide to the beginning Ctrl + Shift + Up
Move selected slide to the end Ctrl + Shift + Down
Home tab Alt + H
Insert tab Alt + N
Add comment Ctrl + N
Reply to comment Ctrl + R
Close PowerPoint Ctrl + Q
Keyboard shortcuts to create presentations on PowerPoint


File Alt + F
Home Alt + H
Insert Alt + N
Design Alt + G
Transitions Alt + K
Animations Alt + A
Slide Show Alt + S
Review Alt + R
View Alt + W
Help Alt + Y
Keyboard shortcuts for Ribbon on Microsoft PowerPoint


Start the presentation from beginning F5
Start the presentation from the current slide Shift + F5
Start the presentation in Presenter View Alt + F5
Next animation/slide N
Previous animation/slide P
Display black slide B
Display white slide W
Stop/restart an automatic presentation S
Go to the slide number specified Number, then Enter
To the first slide Home
To the last slide End
Set timings T
Record narration and timing R
Play/pause media Alt + P
Stop media Alt + Q
Increase volume Alt + Up
Decrease volume Alt + Down
Mute Alt + U
Cycle hotspot Tab
Context menu Shift + F10
Show taskbar Ctrl + T
End presentation Esc
Keyboard shortcuts for presenting in Microsoft PowerPoint
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