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AI-900: Enhance User Interactions: Choosing the Right Service to Process Documents for Your Website Chatbot

Discover the ideal service for processing documents and empowering your website chatbot to answer user questions. Explore the benefits and functionalities of Language Understanding (LUIS), Text Analytics, Azure Bot Service, and QnA Maker. Optimize your chatbot’s capabilities by leveraging the most suitable service to extract valuable information from product troubleshooting guides and frequently asked questions (FAQ) lists. Elevate user satisfaction with a knowledgeable and responsive website chatbot.


You need to develop a chatbot for a website. The chatbot must answer users’ questions based on the information in the following documents:

  • A product troubleshooting guide m a Microsoft Word document.
  • A frequently asked questions (FAQ) list on a webpage.

Which service should you use to process the documents?

A. Language Undemanding
B. Text Analytics
C. Azure Bot Service
D. QnA Maker


D. QnA Maker


The correct answer is D. QnA Maker. QnA Maker is a cloud-based service that allows you to create a conversational question-and-answer layer over your existing data. You can use QnA Maker to extract questions and answers from various sources, such as webpages, PDF files, and Microsoft Word documents. QnA Maker then uses natural language processing (NLP) to match user queries to the most relevant answers from your knowledge base.

Language Understanding (LUIS) is a service that enables you to build custom natural language models that can understand user intents and entities. LUIS is useful for creating chatbots that can handle complex and varied user requests, but it does not provide a built-in way to process documents and extract questions and answers.

Text Analytics is a service that provides advanced natural language processing over raw text, and includes four main functions: sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, language detection, and entity recognition. Text Analytics can help you analyze the content and tone of user queries, but it does not provide a way to generate answers based on documents.

Azure Bot Service is a service that enables you to build, connect, test, deploy, and manage intelligent bots. Azure Bot Service provides an integrated environment that is purpose-built for bot development. You can use Azure Bot Service to create chatbots that can interact with various channels, such as websites, apps, email, and social media. However, Azure Bot Service does not provide a way to process documents and extract questions and answers. You can use Azure Bot Service in conjunction with QnA Maker to create a chatbot that can answer users’ questions based on documents.


Microsoft Learn > Azure > Cognitive Services > QnA Maker > What is QnA Maker?

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 certification exam practice question and answer (Q&A) dump with detail explanation and reference available free, helpful to pass the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 exam and earn Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 certification.

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 certification exam practice question and answer (Q&A) dump

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