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Get Personalized Help, Answers, Tips and Support on Xbox One with Xbox Assist

Before proceed to search for help online, now you can check the Xbox Assist app on Xbox for tips and suggestions based on activities, system status reports, answers to your questions, how-to videos and instruction, guides to new features, fixes for top concerns, Xbox Live service status, tips on how to get more from Xbox and many more. Follow below steps to open Xbox Assist app in Xbox One.

Xbox Assist app from Xbox One

Step 1: Press Xbox button on the controller to open the guide.

Step 2: Go to System > Xbox Assist.

Step 3: Press A button to select Xbox Assist.

Step 4: Select My Xbox Assist for solutions on common issues and checking the service status.

Step 5: Select Get Help to explore and search help articles.

Step 6: Select Tips for videos on everything from setting up the console to game walk-throughs.

Other features of Xbox Assist app, including:

  • Personalized notifications and tips based on system, service and account status.
  • Browse support content and launch troubleshooters for common issues directly from the console.
  • Check Xbox Live services status.


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