Must-Know Essential VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Do you use VLC Media Player? Here are all the quick keyboard shortcuts you should know.

VLC Media Player is not only the best program for playing videos and music, but it’s also free and open source. One of the great things about VLC Media Player is that it supports so many different types of media files out of the box. If you use VLC Media Player, you should know all the keyboard shortcuts so that you can quickly control media, open menus, and navigate through the program.

Must-Know Essential VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
Must-Know Essential VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

That’s why we’ve put together this article that contains all the Windows shortcuts you need to know for VLC Media Player.

Table of contents

Menus and Settings


Faster (fine)]
Slower (fine)[
Normal rate=
Back 3 secondsShift + Left arrow
Forward 3 secondsShift + Right arrow
Back 10 secondsAlt + Left arrow
Forward 10 secondsAlt + Right arrow
Back 1 minuteControl + Left arrow
Forward 1 minuteControl + Right arrow
Back 5 minuteControl + Alt + Left arrow
Forward 5 minutesControl + Alt + Right arrow
Next trackN
Previous trackP
Next frameE
Disc menuShift + M
Previous titleShift + O
Next titleShift + B
Previous chapterShift + P
Next chapterShift + N
QuitShift + Q
VLC Player Shortcuts for Playback


Decrease audio delayJ
Cycle audio trackB
Cycle audio deviceShift + A
Increase volumeCtrl + Up arrow
Decrease volumeCtrl + Down arrow
VLC Player Shortcuts for Audio


Show controller in fullscreenI
Reset zoomShift+ Z
Toggle fullscreenF
Leave fullscreen/close dialogueEscape
Shrink the viewpointPage Up
Expand the viewpointPage Down
1:4 quarter cropAlt + 1
1:2 half cropAlt + 2
1:1 original cropAlt + 3
2:1 double cropAlt + 4
Cycle aspect ratioA
Cycle cropping ratioC
Toggle autoscalingO
Increase scale factorAlt + O
Decrease scale factorAlt + Shift + O
Toggle deinterlacingD
Cycle deinterlace modesShift + D
VLC Play Shortcuts for Display


Set playlist bookmark 1 – 10Ctrl + F1 – F10
Play playlist bookmark 1 – 10F1 – F10
Clear the playlistCtrl + W
Save playlistCtrl + Y
VLC Player Shortcuts for Playlists


Reset subtitles scaleCtrl + O
Scale down subtitles textCtrl + Mouse wheel up
Scale up subtitles textCtrl + Mouse wheel down
Increase subtitles delayH
Decreases subtitles delayG
Sync subtitlesShift + H
Cycle subtitle track in reverse orderAlt + V
Cycle subtitle trackV
Toggle subtitlesShift + V
VLC Player Shortcuts for Subtitles
BookmarksCtrl + B
Open capture deviceCtrl + C
Open discCtrl + D
Extended settingsCtrl + E
Open folderCtrl + F
Hide/show menusCtrl + H
Media informationCtrl + I
Codecs informationCtrl + J
Hide/show playlistCtrl + L
MessagesCtrl + M
Open network streamCtrl + N
Open fileCtrl + O
PreferencesCtrl + P
Convert/saveCtrl + R
StreamingCtrl + S
Go to timeCtrl + T
Paste location/MRLCtrl + V
VLM configuratorCtrl + Shift + W
Audio menuAlt + A
Help menuAlt + H
View menuAlt + I
Playback menuAlt + L
Media menuAlt + M
Tools menuAlt + S
Subtitle menuAlt + T
SnapshotShift + S
RecordShift + R
Select menu entry (DVD)Enter
Navigate menus (DVD)Arrow keys
VLC Player Shortcuts for Menus and Settings