Media and Marketing News Headline Updated on 30 July 2020 – SDVoE Alliance, G&D, L-Acoustics, Almo Professional A/V, NSCA, Digital Signage Summit 2020, PMA Research, and more

The headline on 30 July 2020 AI content creation — is it real? With the rise of automation, it was always reassuring to know that certain tasks — like writing — couldn’t be done by a computer. Well, that looks like it might change — and soon. Still in infancy, GPT-3 is an AI platform […]

Deliver Content for Employees to Share is Critical to Achieve Digital Success

Establish and understand the connection between content and what employees will love and share is critical to achieving digital success. This article will explore the connection between content and employees as the greatest asset to be the voice of their brand. Also, provide tips and takeaways that will help you to determine how to distribute […]

Media and Marketing News Headline Updated on 05 June 2020 – Discovery, TiVo, BBC, Medium, Facebook, The Guardian, Voiz FM, Zoom, and more

The headline on 05 June 2020 Discovery is reportedly close to buying the TV arm of MediaWorks. Source: NZ Herald > MediaWorks TV sale nears completion to US giant Discovery, sources confirm TiVo’s general counsel and chief compliance officer, Pamela Sergeeff, and its chief intellectual property officer, Arvin Patel, will not be part of the […]

Media and Marketing News Headline Updated on 29 May 2020 – Comscore, Google, Fact-Checking, Nightclub. On Zoom, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, Stuff, News Corp Australia, and more

The headline on 29 May 2020 Comscore said local television consumption is beginning to return to pre-pandemic levels. Source: Comscore Sees Signs of Stabilization in Local Television Consumption Jeff Krolik, longstanding president of the regional sports networks now owned by Sinclair, today announced his retirement, effective August 30, 2020. Source: Sinclair Regional Sports Networks President, […]

Media and Marketing News Headline Updated on 20 May 2020 – NAB, Dropbox UX, Facebook, Giphy, Fubo Sports Network, Vizio, Parks Associates, and more

The headline on 20 May 2020 NAB said that an estimated 40,000 people have accessed the inaugural NAB Show Express since the online event launched on May 13. Source: NAB Show Express Receives High Engagement With 40,000 Participants Worldwide The Dropbox UX, once a thing of legend, is making Design Twitter pretty mad. There are […]

Media and Marketing News Headline Updated on 08 May 2020 – Charter, Facebook, Blizzard, NYT, YouTube, Spotify, Airbnb, and more

The headline on 08 May 2020 Charter launched Spectrum Access, a free app designed to provide entertainment access to persons with vision or hearing impairments. Source: Charter Launches Spectrum Access App, Enhancing Entertainment Options for Persons With Vision or Hearing Impairments NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service will be available on Xbox devices when it launches July […]