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Useful links and sites that will help a newcomer to Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an anime-style interactive MMO RPG that supports cross-platform gaming. This means that you can simultaneously play on a PC, smartphone and tablet without losing game data by simply picking up the desired device.

Useful links and sites that will help a newcomer to Genshin Impact

A player who has never encountered such projects at the very beginning of the game path may not understand the basic mechanics of the project, how to farm in-game gold and what is generally valuable in Genshin Impact.

What sites and services will help a newcomer to Genshin Impact:

What sites and services will help a newcomer to Genshin Impact.


Skycoach is a site that provides various services to gamers in all key and popular projects. Players can order the collection of key resources for offering the statue of seven, the full passage of the game story with all the loot and killing bosses, the regular passage of all daily farm quests and the collection of chests with rewards in the form of achievements.

What Offers to Players:

  • Gathering Basic Resources
  • Walkthrough of the main story

Gathering Basic Resources

In Genshin Impact, there are key resources that you need to collect and bring to the Statue of Seven to level up the main rank of the traveler.

The player needs to collect Geocules, Anemoculus, Electroculus. All of them are located in different regions and the general gameplay in Genshin Impact depends on their collection. There are special stones that will simplify the search, but each resource needs its own stone and they are disposable.

The service of collecting each of the amplifiers is a great opportunity to save a lot of time and get a high level of offering to the Statue of the Seven. A professional Skycoach player will access your account and complete the collection service in two hours for you.

Skycoach guarantees the safety of personal data and non-disclosure of confidential information to third parties. After completing the service, it is recommended to change the password. The service guarantees a refund in case of disputes.

Full Story Completion

Despite the MMO component, Genshin Impact has a main story, and by completing it, the player receives a large amount of experience, a drop from the main boss, and inner satisfaction from completing the main story branch.

There is also a collection of Geoculus, Anemoculus, Electroculus at four main locations.

There is also a collection of Geoculus, Anemoculus, Electroculus at four main locations.

The resource is an interactive map, with a real display of all the main elements, monsters and bosses on the map in Genshin Impact.

Using such a map, you can always find exactly where the resource you need is located, understand where to go to collect Oculuses, find the right NPC or Boss.

The map will help you find the best places to collect rare resources for pumping cooking and will simultaneously show a list of NPCs from which goods can be bought, if any.

The service can be associated with your account and match all places with your map of the area in real time.

The map will help you track and find all chests, regardless of rarity.

All kinds of materials, resources and useful items can be sorted on the map for easy search.

Even if you do not need an interactive map as a source of information for moving – spend 15 minutes studying it – you will find all the relevant dungeons and statues, key NPCs and places to extract the most valuable resources.

This will help train your memory and understand for yourself which locations and points on the map are of particular value, especially in terms of disappearing resources with a limited spawn timer.

Calculator, or emulator of various equipment and their characteristics.

The service essentially offers the player to try on all the options for assembling items, weapons and equipment on the characters of interest in order to understand which option will be the most effective.

You can try on the rarest equipment, as well as compare more affordable equipment for similarities and differences in different assemblies.

The service provides detailed data for fans of numbers – you will see the exact indicators of health, armor, attack, speed, defense, auxiliary and additional effects from sets.

From useful – thanks to filters and recommendations, you can get suggestions from the service on how best to dress and equip each of the fighters for maximum benefit. You can start from the options available to the player to make the build the most believable, or choose from the best options to set goals and strive for the best equipment, but then you will need to read the guides in more detail.

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