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Top 5 Programming Language To Learn in 2015

Programming LanguagesIn terms of the year 2015 with all the technology that hit the mainstream in the preceding years, there are a couple of programming languages that we think the most veteran programmers should have a look at.

Java And Swift for App Developer

Java has become the end-all programming language for most mobile applications on marketplace. Android’s apps are almost exclusively programmed with Java. Java offers less control over low-level (direct-to-hardware) communication but many desktop and mobile applications are written in Java.

Swift is a language created by Apple based on different concepts including Objective-C Ruby, and Python. If you want to develop app in iOS or Mac OS X besides develop native app which uses Xcode Objective-C, you have to learn Swift.

You will need to learn both Java and Swift programming language if you plan to venture deep into mobile app marketplace.

More at Javaswift

Python for those who want quick results

There are lots of frameworks scattered all over the Internet for Python and logical engine of many games such as The Sims 4 use Python due to its ability to move through large troves of data quickly.

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C++ for sleek magician

Almost everything you develop in C/C++ is going to run faster than whatever you may code in a higher-level language such as Java, Python, C#, etc. You don’t have to write entire applications with it. You can write modules that you can share among multiple applications, recycling your highly-efficient code everywhere.

You can tap directly into the Windows API, you can program with objects and classes or abandon them altogether and make C-style structured program. Listing is versatile by allocate “Next” and “Previous” pointers to data in a chain, and you can work with input/output completion ports more easily than C++.

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R for enterprise programmer

R is specifically designed for people who want to create applications that can mine through enormous amounts of data and statistics. In the enterprise, R is useful for Big Data analytics that drive corporate decision making in platforms designed for enterprise resource planning (ERP).

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Ziron combining old with new

Ziron combines ASM with C-style syntax to provide powerful platform for making applications.

More at Ziron

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