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Terminology used in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the biggest and best battle royale games. It’s free-to-play, supports cross-platform matches, and features intense and hectic gameplay. It’s incredibly important that you communicate with the team and pay attention to your surroundings. You also need to know the lingo so you can tell your companions what you’re doing—whether that’s deploying a UAV, thirsting another player, or rotating the map. Here the list of all the terms that you need to know.

Terminology used in Call of Duty: Warzone

Terminology used in Call of Duty: Warzone

ADS: Aim down sights; looking down your weapon for a more accurate shot

Ammo: Ammunition for a particular type or types of weapon (Ground Loot, Supply Box).

Armor Plates: Armor is your main form of Operator damage mitigation, shielding your hit points from ballistic or explosive damage. Armor comes in Plates, rare drops that can be equipped, expended, and stockpiled up to five individual Plates per Operator.

Armor: Protective plates, of which three can be applied and up to eight can be carried (with a satchel)

Attachment: Item placed on a weapon to change its performance (like a scope or a silencer)

Bait: Lure an enemy player into a trap, where the rest of the team are waiting

Battle Pass: A paid system that unlocks weapons and customizations as you rank up

Bounty: A type of contract where you get cash for eliminating an enemy marked on the map

Buy Station: An in-game interactable portable comms station that exchanges Cash for Killstreaks, Armor Plates, Self-Revive Kits, UAVs, and Loadout Drops.

Cash Deposit Balloon (Plunder mode only): Allows you to deposit Cash without using Cash Deposit Site.

Cash: Different numerical values of in-game Cash, used in-game and only in the specific match, to purchase higher-value loot (Ground Loot, Supply Box). In-game currency that is found within crates, on the floor, or rewarded for completing contracts

Circle: The map boundary that shrinks as the game progresses

Cluster Strike: Designate a mortar strike by pointing a handheld laser at any position within your line of sight.

Clutch: Winning a high-stakes situation when the odds are stacked against you

Common and Uncommon loot: The most frequent loot to find in the game. This includes your base weapons – most weapons with no attachments on them – or basic equipment.

Contract: Missions to complete for cash and loot: Bounty, Recon, Scavenger, and Most Wanted

Dead Silence: A perk that makes your footsteps quieter temporarily, allowing you greater freedom to move closer to enemy installations, locations, or activities with less of a fear of discovery.

Deployable Cover: Quickly deployable, this roughly five-by-four feet metal ballistic cover can provide critical protection under certain circumstances.

Downed: When your health reaches zero, you become incapacitated and must be revived or you die

Drop Shot: Entering a prone position while shooting to avoid the enemy’s fire

EMP Drone: This EMP Drone detonates a powerful electromagnetic pulse that disables all electronics in the area.

Epic Loot: Loot that is given a purple diamond with three individual diamonds inside, or that have a purple afterglow on your HUD’s weapon display, is considered Epic Loot. This category includes more Field Upgrades and equipment, as well as weapon blueprints with four unique attachments.

Field Upgrades: An additional equipment piece or ability that requires manual activation in order to give a specific advantage in or outside of combat (Ground Loot, Supply Box).

Finishing Move: A stylish animation to kill someone with a melee attack when their back is to you

Flank: Instead of pushing an enemy from the front, you take a side route to try and surprise them

Flash: A type of grenade that temporarily blinds a player

Frag: The standard grenade where the pin is pulled and it explodes after a brief period of time

Gas Masks (Battle Royale only): A single-use face mask. when equipped inside of a collapse, allows greater survivability within the gas of a circle collapse (Ground Loot, Supply Box, Buy Station) for a little over 10 seconds.

Gas: Deadly yellow gas that surrounds the circle; stay too long in the gas and you will die

Ground Loot: A loose piece of loot that can be found on the ground throughout the Warzone. Generally, ground loot is of lower quality – think ammo, common weapons, and the like – than loot found by other means.

Gulag: Where you go after your first death to battle someone in order to respawn

Heartbeat: When you see a dot on your Heartbeat Sensor, which indicates nearby players

Hip Fire: Firing your gun without aiming down sights

Juggernaut: A rare perk that drops from the sky; when worn, you wear a specially protected suit and get a minigun

Jump Shot: Shooting someone while jumping in the air

K/D: Kill/death ratio; the number of kills you have to deaths, the higher the better

Killstreak: Powerful, single-use reinforcement tools found in crates or bought at the Buy Station, killstreaks include UAVs, Shield Turrets, and Cluster Strikes. allowing skilled players the opportunity to turn the tide of battle if used wisely (Buy Station).

Legendary Loot: An orange-gold afterglow on a weapon or four gold diamonds inside of a diamond indicates that a loot piece is at its highest rarity level: Legendary.

Loadout Drops (Battle Royale only): A cargo crate dropped from the sky, containing your preferred Loadout during Battle Royale game mode (Ground Loot, Buy Station).

Loadout: Your customized weapons and perks; you can buy a Loadout from a Buy Station

Loot Rarity: Outside of ammo, all loot in Warzone has a rarity level attached to them. This rarity level corresponds to their drop rate in-game; the higher rarity level a loot item is, the rarer it is as an in-game drop.

Mini Map: The small map in the corner of your screen which shows the surrounding area

Most Wanted: A type of contract where you are marked on the map for all to see; survive three minutes and your team respawn

Mount: Place your weapon on a surface to make it easier to aim thanks to reduced recoil

Munitions Box: Upon activation, your Operator will deploy a box of ammo, refillable equipment (such as grenades), and weapons for you and your squad-mates. Be careful: if it is critically damaged it will explode.

One Shot: When an enemy is very low on health that they can be killed in a limited number of shots

Operator: The character you play as

Optic: A dot or crosshair that appears when you aim down sights to help see where your bullets will go

Parachute: If you fall from a great height then you will die, thus you must deploy your parachute to float

Perk: Benefits that you apply to your Loadout, perks include Cold-Blooded, Ghost, and Amped

Ping: A marker to show your team something, like a location or an enemy

Plunder: A different game mode, separate to Battle Royale, where you must collect as much cash as possible

Precision Airstrike: Throw on those binoculars to designate a twin jet precision strike on a path in your line of sight.

Quickscope: Quickly killing someone after aiming down sights

Rare loot: Step up from Common and is denoted by two blue diamonds within a diamond or by a blue afterglow on your HUD’s weapon display.

Recon Drone: Pilot a small, remote-controlled drone, ideally from a safe position behind cover, around the map.

Recon: A type of contract where you must secure a specific location in order to reveal the next circle

Redeploy: Coming back to the game after dying

Revive: When you are downed in a fight, you must be healed by a teammate or use a purchased self-revive kit

Rotate: Changing your position on the map, perhaps hovering the edge of the circle, rather than going straight

Scavenger: A type of contract where you must open a series of crates to secure loot and cash

Season: A period of time where new events, weapons, customizations, and more are released

Self-Revive Kits: Medical kits allowing you or a squadmate to self-revive after being downed during a match (Ground Loot, Supply Box, Buy Station).

Shield Turret: This manually-operated shielded turret can be deployed onto most surfaces upon activation.

Slide Cancel: An advanced trick to move faster, achieved by pressing the slide button twice followed by the jump

Special Supply Boxes: Crates containing rarer items. Only available as rewards during Scavenger Contracts.

Stopping Power Rounds: Add a bit more firepower to your arsenal with a magazine or clip full of Stopping Power Rounds.

Stun: A type of grenade that temporarily reduces enemy movement

Supply Boxes: Crates containing items. These are found throughout Verdansk, and come in a variety of colours, usually (but not exclusively) related to the rarity of the loot contained inside: Find Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), and Gold (Legendary).

Tactical Insertion (Plunder mode only): Should you wish to spawn at a particular location in Verdansk, you can drop down a lit flare to mark it as your next spawn point.

Thirst: When you quickly kill someone who has been downed to prevent them from being revived

Trophy System: This autonomous defence system destroys up to three pieces of equipment or enemy projectiles that dare to enter its zone of control.

UAV: A killstreak that reveals where nearby enemies are on the map for a limited time

Verdansk: The fictional location that Warzone is set in

Wallbang: Killing someone through a wall or barrier

Weapon Drop: Brings a cache full of high-powered weapons via drone to a drop point marked by a dyed smoke grenade, which looks similar to a Care Package marker.

Weapons: Offensive armaments (Ground Loot, Supply Box, Loadout Drop).

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