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[Solved] How Do I Fix Problem when Samsung laptop turns on but show blank screen

If Samsung laptop displaying blank screen with blinking cursor but no image or displays Samsung screen but does not load Windows when you attempts to Boot. This problem symptom is mostly caused by laptop goes into Sleep mode while performing Windows update. Resume or Wake the laptop from Sleep mode will only displays blank screen with blinking cursor or Samsung screen. If you are experiencing this issue, follow below steps to fix it.

Samsung laptop turns on but show blank screen

Samsung laptop turns on but show blank screen

Step 1: Remove any CD’s, DVD’s, or Flash Drives from laptop.

Step 2: Press and hold Power button to force shut down.

Step 3: Power On laptop and access BIOS Setup Utility by pressing F2 key.

Step 4: Press F9 key to Load Optimized Default, and Enter then select Yes.

Step 5: Press F10 and then Enter to Save configuration and reset changes.

Step 6: Allow the laptop to restart normally and then restart laptop.

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