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Solved: How do I view and edit the SSIS package (DTSX) graphically?


I am using Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise with GIT for source control and SQL Data Tools extension installed. I can see a lot of DTSX files, but when I try to open it, I can only see the XML. I am trying to see some automation and not see these DTSX files as XML. How do I see the SSIS package (DTSX) file graphically?


To edit a SSIS package you can use SQL Server Data Tools (previously known as BIDS or DTS).

Step 1: Open SSDT.

Step 2: Create New project and select Integration Service.

Step 3: In solution explorer window there will be folder named packages. Right click and select Add existing package.

Step 4: Select package location File system from the drop down.

Step 5: In the package path go to the folder and select your package (.dtsx) file then Edit.

The link below provide more details and links do download/install BIDS/SSDT if you don’t have them already there with your VS 2017 installation:

And here’s the SSDT download for VS 2017:

And here more details/solutions if you have any issues opening the SSIS packages in VS 2017 :



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