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Solved: How do I troubleshoot Xerox VersaLink B405 paper jam frequently?


Xerox VersaLink B405 Monochrome Multifunction Printer recently started to jam on every page. User reports the paper gets stuck just before entering the fuser.

Answer 1: Set the correct paper size in driver

Assuming you are using plain bond (80 gsm) paper. Anything else, especially inkjet paper, can cause paper jam problem and other damage. Do make sure the paper size setting on the printer matches that in the driver.

Answer 2: Remove paper that has unfused toner or blank paper

There are two sensors in the paper path on Xerox VersaLink B405, one for registration and another at the belt transfer roller (BTR). It’s possible one has failed (or the mechanical flag that activates them). The registration sensor would cause jam with blank paper, the BTR sensor would have a partial image awaiting fusing.

Check to see if there is a tiny piece of paper stuck in the fuser area.

Step 1: Open the back of the printer.

Step 2: Remove the fuser.

Step 3: Open the printer up as much as you can.

Step 4: Have a careful look around if any tiny piece of paper stuck in the fuser area.

Answer 3: Replace the fuser

According to the service manual documentation, replacing the fuser was the solution for paper jam on Xerox VersaLink B405.

Service manual attached:  versalink-b400-b405-family-service.pdf

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