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Solved: How do I implement basic policy for Policy Based NGFW Mode?

This article describes how to implement basic policy for Policy Based NGFW Mode


Basic internet policy for PC users (tested on FOS 6.4.8).


Fortigate has 2 (two) NGFW mode:

  • Profile Based ( default ) – – not covered for this example.
  • Policy Based.

There are 3 (three) components which need to pay attention to, in order to implement basic policy in Policy-based NGFW mode.

GUI ( Policy & Objects ) CLI
Security Policy Firewall Security Policy
Central SNAT Firewall central-snat-map
SSL Inspection & Authentication Firewall Policy

Note: Routing must be in place to address the network requirement

FGT1 (client_vdom) # get system settings | grep ngfw
ngfw-mode : policy-based
FGT1 (client_vdom) # show firewall security-policy 1
config firewall security-policy
edit 1
set uuid 1aab8348-6cea-51ed-51f6-d59f43e4848e
set name "internet"
set srcintf "port7" --> intf to user pc
set dstintf "vdom_link1" --> intf to internet
set srcaddr "all"
set dstaddr "all"
set action accept
set schedule "always"
set logtraffic all
FGT1 (client_vdom) # show firewall central-snat-map 1
config firewall central-snat-map
edit 1
set uuid 26bcef28-6cea-51ed-4867-befe6c338372
set srcintf "port7"
set dstintf "vdom_link1"
set orig-addr "all"
set dst-addr "all"
FGT1 (client_vdom) # show firewall policy 1
config firewall policy
edit 1
set name "internet_ssl"
set uuid 041ce39c-6cea-51ed-2ac9-a858f21eedd5
set srcintf "port7"
set dstintf "vdom_link1"
set srcaddr "all"
set dstaddr "all"
set service "ALL"

Warning: Changing NGFW Mode from profile to policy-based and vice versa will remove all the firewall policy configurations.

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