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Solved: How do I fix function and syntax info not showing automatically in Microsoft Access VBA Editor?


I am encountering problem with Microsoft Access settings on my new laptop. Although I have configured all the settings to match those of my previous laptop, I am still having issues with one specific feature. When in the VBA Editor screen and typing a function name, the syntax information for that particular function should appear automatically.

For Example:

Dlookup(Expr as String, Domain as String, [Criteria])

Despite attempting to use the feature on the new laptop, it is not working on the new laptop. There is no syntax popup occurring whenever function is being typed. I have double-checked the settings from both “VBA > Tools > Options” and “Access > File > Options”, confirming that both systems are using the same version and build number of MS Office – Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise .

I am having difficulty understanding why the syntax popup is not functioning correctly. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this issue that could help me?

Solution 1: Enable Auto Quick Info option

Step 1: Open the VBA Editor.

Step 2: Navigate to the Tools > Options.

Step 3: Select the Editor tab.

Step 4: Ensure that the Auto Quick Info checkbox is checked.

Ensure that the Auto Quick Info checkbox is checked.

Solution 2: Check reference link

It is important to note that the VBA Editor settings are distinct from the Microsoft Access settings. With that in mind, does Intellisense functionality operate as expected?

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Access.

Step 2: Create a blank database.

Step 3: Open the VBA Editor.

Step 4: Select the Insert > Module.

Step 5: Type below:


Soon as you hit the . (dot), a pop-up should appear with the list of properties and methods.

If the reference is not working in the database, then it is likely broken. If the issue persists, then it is possible that the Microsoft Access installation is malfunctioning.

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