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Solved: How do I fix error ‘Newer version already installed’ when attempting to install new FortiEDR Collector?

This article describes the steps to take when the error ‘Newer version already installed’ is seen when installing new FortiEDR Collector.

Upon Installation of new version of FortiEDR Collector an error has occurred. The detailed error message is as below:

Newer version already installed.

Solved: How do I fix error 'Newer version already installed' when attempting to install new FortiEDR Collector?


Verify the following:

  • There is no FortiEDR process in task manager.
  • There is no FortiEDR client in the add/remove programs list.
  • There is no Fortinet folder in the program data folder.

Check that this folder structure has been removed: C:\Program Files\Fortinet\FortiEDR

If it is still present remove the FortiEDR folder Only!

If this issue is still not resolved support can provide a Cleanup Tool that will completely remove the collector from the system.

After running the cleanup tool (including reboot if required) there shouldn’t be any ‘remains’ of the collector on the system.

Note that the cleanup tool must always be ran twice, followed by reboot if there is a message requesting one.

Cleanup tool must match processor architecture as below: FortiEDRCleanupTool_x64 FortiEDRCleanupTool_Win32

Command Line as below:

Command Line for FortiEDRCleanupTool_x64 FortiEDRCleanupTool_Win32 cleanup tool

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