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Solved: How do I fix new Epson LX-310 ESC/P dot matrix printer print out characters overlap


I just bought a new Epson LX-310 ESC/P printer. But the print out showing character overlap as image below:

Solved: How do I fix new Epson LX-310 ESC/P print out characters overlap

How could I set to make it print correctly?

Solution 1: Revisit setup guide

It looks like the printer was not setup properly, maybe something did not go well in removing packaging material, or placing the ribbon/cartridge. Refer to the setup guide below especially step 2:

Solution 2: Correct the font setting

The problem is font setting directly at printer buttons. Follow below steps to change the font setting:

Step 1: Press the right button for 3 seconds.

Step 2: Wait for the beep.

Step 3: Use the left button to change the font.

Solution 3: Return printer under warranty

Since it is a new printer, you would be able to return it as it is not printing properly.



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