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Solved: How to fix custom text tone missing on iPhones with iOS 17?

Do you like to personalize your text tones on your iPhone? Do you want to assign different sounds to different contacts so that you can recognize them easily? If yes, then you may be disappointed to know that some users have reported that their custom text tones are missing on iPhone running iOS 17. They say that they cannot hear or see their custom text tones after updating to the latest operating system from Apple.

iOS 17 is the latest and most advanced operating system from Apple that brings many new and exciting features to your iPhone. You can enjoy new Siri, Messages, Phone, FaceTime, Interactive widgets, Standby Mode, and Contact Posters features. However, it also has some bugs and issues that can affect your user experience.

Among the reported issues, the absence of custom text tones from your contacts and settings is a notable one. Custom text tones allow you to identify who’s texting you without even looking at your phone. This problem can be very annoying and frustrating, especially if you want to use custom text tones for your convenience and preference. You may wonder why this problem happens and how to fix it. Well, the good news is that there are some possible ways to fix this problem and get your custom text tones back on your iPhone with iOS 17.

Solved: How to fix custom text tone missing on iPhones with iOS 17?

In this guide, we will walk you through a couple of handy methods to fix the problem and bring back your custom text tones. Whether you’re eagerly waiting for important messages or just want to add a personal touch to your notifications, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the solutions and get those custom text tones back on your iOS 17 iPhone.

Fix Custom Text Tones Missing on iOS 17

Are you missing your custom text tones on your iPhone running iOS 17? This issue can be quite frustrating, but there are a couple of workarounds that might help you regain this feature. Let’s explore them.

Solution 1: Export with GarageBand

Try using GarageBand to export your desired text tone. Once exported, you should be able to assign it to an individual contact as a custom text tone.

Solution 2: Technical Approach

For those who are comfortable with a more technical approach, you can try this method.

Step 1: Extract data from the old Ringtone .plist file located in /Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes.

Step 2: Add the lines “purchased,” “album” (same data as the name), and “media kind” to the .plist file.

As of now, these are the two workarounds that may help you resolve the issue of custom text tones missing on iPhones running iOS 17. While the developers are aware of this problem, they haven’t provided a specific timeline for a fix. We will keep you updated in this guide when an official solution is available. In the meantime, give these workarounds a try to restore your custom text tones.

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