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Solved: How do I alter justification all to left justified when convert Mobi to PDF via Calibre


After going through a long text that’s been translated into English. I rendered the file from Mobi to PDF using Calibre.

I can see where some paragraphs should exist, but they were not noticed in the translation. I can click on Edit Content in PDF-XChange Editor to get into the text to add the breaks where the next paragraph should be.

If I add a return, then I’ll get the wide spacing of words in the lines either above or below where I made the new paragraph, as shown below:

If I add a return, then I'll get the wide spacing of words in the lines either above or below where I made the new paragraph.

For reading these files, it will REALLY be easier for me if I can get the paragraphs to exist where they should. I have fixed it by choosing Left in Text Alignment.

But when using PDF-XChange Plus, I’ve been selecting Make This Text the Default Style, it seems to make the Text Alignment Left. However, it’s not applying the changes to other pages and I need to set it manually on every page or block of text.

Question: When converting a Mobi to PDF via Calibre, how to render the resulting file with all text as Left Justified? So, wondering if there’s some switch in the conversion’s many dialog boxes anyone may know of that would shift it all left.

Question: When using PDF-XChange Editor, is there any switch you know of that would re-render the text all to left justify?

Question: How to make the text alignment to left side as default apply to the whole file?

Question: Among the many switches and features of PDF-XChange, is there anything I can click or select that will let me make small edits to the text without causing the spacing around the words to break loose when I click Edit Text?

Question: Besides PDF-XChange, any other way I could run on PDF file that would set all the text to Left Justify?


Using PDF-XChange Editor

Step 1: Select the Edit > Text tool.

Using PDF-XChange Editor. Select the Edit > Text tool.

Step 2: Zoom as far out as possible and drag a selection area around the entire document by scrolling down while holding the left mouse button so you can select the text on every page.

Step 3: Without clicking away from the text, so it all remains selected, open the Properties pane.

Step 4: Change the Alignment to Center, and then back to Left alignment.

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