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[Solved] How to Fix Microsoft Outlook PST Mailbox Search Indexing Error Problem

Problem : When you try to find any data item in Current Folder, Sub-folders, or Current Mailbox, computer gets hang or if select all Mailboxes or whole Outlook items. Microsoft Outlook will just shows “searching…” and below that “Find more on the server” message. When click on ‘ Find More’ it does not display anything.

Microsoft Outlook Search function not working search feature not working properly

Below are the methods to fix Microsoft Outlook search function not working issues in Windows. To check whether PST file has been marked for index or not:

For Microsoft Outlook 2010: Go to File > Options > Section Search > Button Modify > Expand Microsoft Outlook

Make sure that the PST file is selected. If it is not listed, then the user has to create the Outlook mail profile again.

fix Microsoft Outlook 2010 Indexing Problem

For Microsoft Outlook 2013: File > Options > Section Search > Button Indexing Options…. > Button Modify

Ensure that Microsoft Outlook is selected over here. In case of Microsoft Outlook 2013, a user cannot mention the PST files which have to be indexed.

Resolve Microsoft Outlook 2013 Indexing Problem

If the PST file has been marked for indexing, but still the instant search of Outlook is not showing up results, then it indicates that there is corruption within the PST file.

For fixing up corruption related issues, you can use Scanpst.exe tool that repairs the header of the corrupted PST file.

In the search box, type Scanpst.exe and run this tool to repair corrupted PST file

Note: Scanpst.exe tool is not capable to repair highly corrupted PST files and using this utility may also lead to permanent data loss condition.

Rebuild Microsoft Outlook search index

Step 1: Click on File then Options.

Step 2: Select Search on the left then click Indexing Options.

Step 3: Click Advanced.

Step 4: Click the Rebuild button. This will cause Microsoft Outlook to rebuild entire search index.

Step 5: Microsoft Outlook search feature will not work. Wait until the index is rebuilt properly during the index rebuilding procedure. The total time for index rebuilding depends upon the system you are working with and the total number of files that need to be indexed and the size of the files (PST).

Step 6: When the index rebuilding process is done successfully, you can restart your MS Outlook searches.

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