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Solved: How do I fix ChatGPT 500 Internal Server Error Not Working?

Question/Problem Description

The ChatGPT developed by OpenAI has gained significant traction since its launch on November 30, 2022, with over 1 million users within the first five days. ChatGPT has further cemented its popularity by reaching over 100 million users, making it the quickest application to achieve this milestone.

ChatGPT is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) language model developed by OpenAI that uses transformer architecture, a powerful deep learning model specifically designed to process sequential data, including text. With its advanced capabilities, ChatGPT can generate human-like text, provide accurate answers to user queries, and engage in natural conversations with users. The model has been extensively trained on large amounts of text data, enabling it to possess extensive knowledge on a broad range of subjects. Additionally, the model undergoes constant learning and improvement, making it a highly valuable tool for numerous applications in fields such as customer service, language translation, and more.

The AI chatbot offers a range of functionalities including the creation of basic website pages, drafting essays and resumes, and crafting engaging social media posts. However, it is important to note that despite its potential usefulness for research or overcoming writer’s block, users may occasionally encounter unexpected errors. Specifically, ChatGPT may display an Internal Server Error message instead of providing a response to the input prompt.

Solved: How do I fix ChatGPT 500 Internal Server Error?

As the most sophisticated AI chatbot available, ChatGPT is highly sought after and receives a considerable volume of user requests each month. However, despite its advanced capabilities, it is not immune to potential disruptions that can negatively impact user experience. From network errors to error codes such as 1020 and even reaching capacity, ChatGPT can encounter various issues that can be inconvenient for users. If you are a frequent user of Open AI’s chatbot, you may have experienced an error message where ChatGPT is not working due to a 500 internal server error, which can prevent you from accessing the service.

Solved: How do I fix ChatGPT 500 Internal Server Error?

Due to a high number of reports on persistent issues with the ChatGPT web app, we have compiled a guide to assist you in resolving the ‘internal server error’ message on ChatGPT. This article aims to investigate the underlying causes that contribute to the internal server error on ChatGPT and provide actionable steps to resolve the error.

Follow the below solution steps to resolve internal server error on ChatGPT.

Content Summary

What is ChatGPT “Internal Server Error”?
Potential Causes
Solution 1: Visit ChatGPT again later
Solution 2: Refresh the ChatGPT webpage and check your Internet connection
Solution 3: Reset ChatGPT by Tapping New Chat
Solution 4: Log out your account then log in again ChatGPT
Solution 5: Clear cached browser data and cookies
Solution 6: Disable Browser’s Plugins and Extensions
Solution 7: Check for rate limits
Solution 8: Other potential solutions suggested by Twitter user
Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatGPT “Internal Server Error”?

An internal server error, referred to as HTTP error 500, is a standard error message indicating that the server has encountered an unexpected condition while processing the client’s request, such as a web browser or an API client.

In ChatGPT, an “Internal Server Error” or HTTP error 500, indicates a server problem that prevents the server from fulfilling the user’s request. This error message occurs when the server encounters an unforeseen condition or configuration issue that hinders the fulfillment of the user’s request. It is possible that this error could be caused by a number of different issues, including server overload, server misconfiguration, or problems with the software that ChatGPT is running on.

Potential Causes

The internal server error on ChatGPT can have multiple causes, such as an improperly configured server, a script error, or a malfunction in the software or hardware. Identifying the exact cause of the error can be challenging and requires additional information or diagnostic tools.

ChatGPT may display an internal server error message due to various reasons, including a legitimate server-side problem. This can occur when the ChatGPT service temporarily exhausts its computational capacity. The issue can stem from a server malfunction or a temporary overload of the ChatGPT server. In some cases, the problem may resolve automatically, but in other instances, it may necessitate manual intervention from the OpenAI technical team.

As of the present, OpenAI has not yet provided a resolution to the matter. Nonetheless, it is evident that the AI chatbot is encountering difficulties arising from the rapid increase in its user base.

“The server is currently not performing optimally due to the exponential growth of users in recent days,” a message from one Twitter account read.

It is possible for the AI chatbot to experience operational difficulties and display an internal server error message due to an excessive volume of user requests.

Why ChatGPT “Internal Server Error” happen?

There are several reasons why an “Internal Server Error” can occur with ChatGPT or any web application. Some common causes include:

  • Server overload: If the server is overloaded with too many requests or traffic, it can cause the application to respond with an error.
  • Misconfigured server: A misconfigured server can result in an “Internal Server Error” due to incorrect settings or permissions.
  • Issues with the code or database: If there is a problem with the code or database powering the application, it can cause the server to respond with an error.
  • Security issues: Security issues such as hacking attempts or unauthorized access can cause the server to fail.
  • Plugin or module conflicts: If there are any conflicts between the plugins or modules that are used in the application, it can cause an “Internal Server Error”.

In general, an “Internal Server Error” can happen due to a wide range of issues. If the issue persists, it is best to contact the support team for the application or the hosting provider to report the issue and request assistance in resolving it.


Create an account

There may be an underlying reason why the ChatGPT chatbot is currently non-functional, and it may be attributed to a message that reads, “You must sign up for an OpenAI account before proceeding.” This indicates that it is necessary to create an OpenAI account and verify your email address before gaining access to the ChatGPT chatbot. To use the ChatGPT platform, you must first register. Input your email address and select a secure password to complete the registration process.

Verify the mobile number and email address

To successfully verify your OpenAI account and access the ChatGPT chatbot, it is required that you provide a mobile number. Additionally, kindly ensure that you verify your email address as well.

Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

In order to ensure optimal use of ChatGPT, it is imperative to maintain a stable and fast Internet connection. A slow or unstable connection may result in the display of an ‘Internal Server Error’ message on the platform, thereby hindering your experience. Therefore, we recommend performing regular checks on your Internet connection to ensure its stability and speed, and to prevent any potential interruptions while using ChatGPT.

Solution 1: Visit ChatGPT again later

Although infrequent, encountering an internal server error on ChatGPT can be equally frustrating as other common errors. It is important to note that this error is a server issue and requires a different approach to resolution.

As a widely popular AI chatbot service, ChatGPT can experience occasional outages due to the high demand it receives. In such situations, the solutions suggested may not be effective as the website’s servers could be experiencing downtime. In such cases, it is advisable to take a brief pause and return to the site after a few hours. The AI chatbot will likely be operational again within a reasonable amount of time.

OpenAI ChatGPT dedicated server status page.

OpenAI provides users with a dedicated status page to access the most up-to-date information regarding the ChatGPT servers. In the event that the status page reports a downtime, it is recommended that users wait a few hours before attempting to access the website again.

If you encounter an internal server error while using ChatGPT, it is advisable to wait a few minutes and retry the request. Additionally, users can consult the OpenAI ChatGPT server status page to determine if the service is currently experiencing slowdowns or is offline altogether. Third-party websites, such as Downdetector, may also have information about service outages reported by other users. Typically, most outages last only a few hours, and users can check back later for updates.

In the event that the status page displays the message “All systems operational”, it is unlikely that the issue originates from ChatGPT or OpenAI. We recommend following the suggested steps below to troubleshoot the error and resolve it on your own.

Solution 2: Refresh the ChatGPT webpage and check your Internet connection

In order to prevent widespread misuse of ChatGPT, OpenAI has implemented a verification process to ensure that users are human before they can access the service. However, this validation process has a timeout period, requiring users to refresh the page to initiate it again. You may notice a brief message stating “Please stand by, we are checking your browser” during this process.

If you encounter this issue, we recommend first attempting to refresh or reload the ChatGPT webpage to resolve any “Internal server error” messages. This method is particularly effective if you have been inactive on the ChatGPT webpage for an extended period of time. Refreshing the webpage a few times should promptly restore the chatbot to its working state.

Click the Refresh/Reload button in browser showing ChatGPT webpage.

In the event that the ChatGPT website fails to load, it may suggest a potential issue with your internet connectivity or misconfigured software. We recommend attempting to access ChatGPT using an alternate browser or computer, as well as a separate Wi-Fi network to identify and resolve the issue.

Solution 3: Reset ChatGPT by Tapping New Chat

In the event that you come across an ‘Internal Server Error’ notification while using ChatGPT, we recommend attempting to resolve the issue by resetting the service. To do so, click on the New chat button situated in the upper left-hand corner of the ChatGPT website. Begin a new chat and enter your prompt. This process should effectively resolve the error message.

Click on the New chat button situated in the upper left-hand corner of the ChatGPT website.

Solution 4: Log out your account then log in again ChatGPT

In the event that refreshing the page does not resolve the issue, it is possible that your login session has expired. As you are aware, ChatGPT requires an OpenAI account for access. If a considerable duration of time has passed since your last login, your session may have timed out. To rectify this, kindly log out of your account and log back in again.

One of the solutions to the “Internal server error” on ChatGPT’s website is logging out and logging back in. This fix is effective for session timeouts and other login-related difficulties. By logging in again, your session can be refreshed, and you can resume using ChatGPT without further impediments.

To log out of ChatGPT, locate and click on the “Log out” button located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

To log out of ChatGPT, locate and click on the "Log out" button located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Once you have successfully logged out, kindly log in again with your OpenAI account and verify if the issue has been resolved.

Once you have successfully logged out, kindly log in again with your OpenAI account and verify if the issue has been resolved.

Solution 5: Clear cached browser data and cookies

For more advanced solutions, we recommend clearing your browsing data and search history. This is because cached browser data and cookies are known to cause common website performance issues, such as slow loading pages or difficulty accessing restricted sections. By deleting your browsing data, you can effectively address a range of problems in a timely manner.

Step 1: Open your browser’s Settings page.

Step 2: Go to the settings related to Privacy and security option. Depending on your browser the exact option might differ. For Microsoft Edge browser, go to the Privacy, search and services option.

Step 3: Select the Clear browsing data option or a similarly named setting and choose the data you want to clear. For Firefox, this option is under Cookies and Site Data section. Alternatively, you can access the Clear browsing data page of your browser using below URL:

For Google Chrome: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

Clear browsing data for Google Chrome.

For Microsoft Edge: edge://settings/clearBrowserData

Clear browsing data for Microsoft Edge.

For Mozilla Firefox: about:preferences#privacy

Clear browsing data for Mozilla Firefox.

For Opera: opera://settings/clearBrowserData

Clear browsing data for Opera.

For Brave: brave://settings/clearBrowserData

Clear browsing data for Brave.

Step 4: Make sure that browsing history, cookies, and site data are selected to be deleted. The date range should ideally be set to All time.

Step 5: Click on the Clear data option to start the process.

Step 6: Once the process is finished, go back to the ChatGPT website and see if it’s working.

Solution 6: Disable Browser’s Plugins, Extensions or Add-ons

Plugins, extensions or add-ons can prove to be invaluable in enhancing the speed and functionality of your browser. Certain plugins, such as ad-blockers and grammar aids, are particularly helpful. However, it is important to note that these tools may occasionally disrupt the regular operation of certain websites. To ensure that this is not the case with ChatGPT, we recommend disabling extensions and plugins and verifying if any error persists.

Step 1: Open your browser’s Settings page.

Step 2: Select the Extensions option.

Step 3: Click on the Manage extensions (or something similar, depending on your browser) to access all the installed extensions. Alternatively, you can access the Manage extensions page of your browser using below URL:

For Google Chrome: chrome://extensions/

For Microsoft Edge: edge://extensions/

For Mozilla Firefox: about:addons

For Opera: opera://extensions/

For Brave: brave://extensions/

Step 4: Toggle off all the installed extensions.

Step 5: Refresh the ChatGPT webpage after disabling each extension one at a time and see if the website starts working.

Solution 7: Check for rate limits

For frequent users of ChatGPT, it is possible to encounter OpenAI’s rate limit. In essence, free accounts are restricted to a limited number of response requests per hour, although there may be daily and monthly limits as well. The hourly limit is determined by the length of the AI chatbot’s responses, and it is more likely to be reached when generating multiple paragraphs of text.

Once the rate limit has been reached, there is no alternative but to wait until the counter resets. During this time, generating new responses is not possible.

It is possible for your account to be rate limited if other devices on your network have accessed ChatGPT recently. This occurrence is less likely if you are using a personal internet connection. However, shared Wi-Fi networks and VPN connections may also trigger rate limits. Therefore, it is recommended to disconnect from VPNs if you are using them to avoid rate limitations.

Solution 8: Other potential solutions suggested by Twitter user

Several users have been actively raising concerns on Twitter regarding their ChatGPT accounts that are not functioning. Additionally, some users have provided suggestions on potential solutions to resolve the internal server error issue.

If you get a #ChatGPT login error then check your email. OpenAI sent an email and I had to click on the link to verify my account. This should solve the login loop error.

Chat GPT seems to be down. 1 million new users in 6 days is pretty insane, servers must be overloaded. For reference it took Twitter 4+ months to get 1 million users.

ChatGPT down and I don’t even know what to do with my life anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am unable to log in to ChatGPT, what should I do?

There are multiple factors that can cause login errors when attempting to access ChatGPT. To optimize your chances of a successful login, it is recommended to utilize a compatible web browser, refrain from using extensions to access the website, and abstain from using a VPN. It is worth noting that extensions and VPNs have been known to disrupt the login process for ChatGPT.

If you’re unable to log in to ChatGPT, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue. First, make sure you’re entering the correct username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can try resetting it using the “forgot password” feature. Additionally, make sure you have a stable internet connection and that your browser is up-to-date. If none of these steps work, you can contact ChatGPT support for further assistance.

Does ChatGPT have a mobile app available?

Currently, there is no official ChatGPT application available for Android or iOS platforms. However, there are certain third-party apps that utilize the ChatGPT APIs to provide access to the AI language model in a mobile-friendly format. Additionally, ChatGPT can be easily accessed through any compatible web browser on your mobile device, provided you have a ChatGPT account and stable Internet connection.


In conclusion, encountering an internal server error message while using ChatGPT can be frustrating, but there are solutions to the problem. By following the above-mentioned fixes, you can quickly resolve the issue and continue to use the chatbot without any interruptions. However, if you find yourself frequently waiting for the chatbot to become available, subscribing to ChatGPT Plus can be a great solution. Not only does it grant access to the chatbot during periods of high demand, but it also improves the chatbot’s response speed. So, give these fixes a try and enjoy uninterrupted chatting with ChatGPT.

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