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Save More Battery with Telegram’s Latest Updated – Power Saving Mode

Telegram has established itself as a robust messaging app and social network by introducing continuous changes and innovative features. The latest version of Telegram includes a power-saving mode that allows users to conserve their battery life when required.

The update includes several enhancements, some of which are entirely new, while others have been borrowed from other messaging apps. However, the most significant feature is the inclusion of a power-saving mode. When a user’s phone is low on battery, they can activate this mode to disable power-consuming features such as animated stickers, auto-playing GIFs, heavy app animations, constant background syncing, and other functionalities that may drain the battery quickly. This update reflects Telegram’s commitment to creating a user-friendly experience that is both efficient and energy-saving.

Telegram’s visually appealing animations and efficiently designed lightweight effects are intended to enhance the user experience and optimize phone performance. However, for older devices, these features can now be disabled in order to conserve battery life and improve overall device functionality.

Save More Battery with Telegram's Latest Updated - Power Saving Mode

To further improve device performance, Power Saving Mode can be configured to automatically activate once the battery reaches a certain percentage. Additionally, users can disable specific effects through the use of individual toggles.

For iOS users, implementing power saving settings to restrict background updates is an option, although Telegram don’t recommend it as it could result in the app frequently displaying ‘Updating…’ notifications.

For Android devices, Telegram have conducted extensive testing on over 200 different device types to ensure optimal performance. Telegram have also implemented optimized default settings to guarantee the best possible user experience for all.

To optimize your device’s power consumption, you have the option to enable Power Saving mode or customize specific settings for autoplay, animations, and effects:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings.

Navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Tap on the Power Saving option.

Tap on the Power Saving option.

Step 3: Make the necessary adjustments.

Make the necessary adjustments.

Step 4: Drag the slider to left end if you prefer the Power Saving Mode always enabled.

Drag the slider to left end if you prefer the Power Saving Mode always on.

The latest software update will be accessible on all devices in the near future. For detailed information regarding the changes made, we recommend reviewing Telegram’s official blog post, accessible via the following link: Telegram Blog > Power Saving Mode and More

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