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Salesforce Certified Integration Architect: Types of Streaming API events


An integration architect needs to build a solution that will be using the Streaming API, but the data loss should be minimized, even when the client re-connects every couple of days. Which two types of Streaming API events should be considered? (Choose two.)

A. PushTopic Events
B. Change Data Capture Events
C. High Volume Platform Events
D. Generic Events


B. Change Data Capture Events
C. High Volume Platform Events


To minimize data loss when using the Streaming API, the integration architect should consider the following two types of Streaming API events:

  • Change Data Capture (CDC) Events: Change Data Capture is a feature in Salesforce that captures and propagates data changes in real-time. It allows you to receive near-real-time notifications of record changes in Salesforce. By subscribing to CDC events, the integration architect can ensure that any changes made to records are immediately captured and propagated to the client, minimizing data loss. CDC events provide a reliable way to receive updates when records are created, updated, deleted, or undeleted.
  • High Volume Platform Events: Platform events in Salesforce are used to deliver secure and scalable custom notifications within Salesforce or to external systems. High Volume Platform Events specifically cater to high-velocity event delivery scenarios, where thousands of events are generated per second. By leveraging High Volume Platform Events in the Streaming API, the integration architect can ensure that even if the client reconnects every couple of days, they won’t miss out on critical events. These events are designed to handle high data volumes and provide reliable event delivery.

A and C are the correct options: A. PushTopic Events and C. High Volume Platform Events.

PushTopic events are a legacy option that can also be considered for minimizing data loss in certain scenarios. They allow you to define a query and receive updates whenever records that match the query criteria are created, updated, deleted, or undeleted. However, they have some limitations compared to CDC events and High Volume Platform Events, such as a limited number of PushTopic queries per organization and less efficient performance when dealing with high data volumes. Therefore, while they can be considered, they are not as optimal for minimizing data loss in scenarios where clients reconnect every couple of days.

D. Generic Events are not a specific type of event in the Streaming API. Therefore, they are not relevant to this scenario.

In summary, the integration architect should primarily consider Change Data Capture (CDC) events and High Volume Platform Events when building a solution with the Streaming API to minimize data loss, especially when the client reconnects every couple of days.


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