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Microsoft MB-260: Quick segments to create the required insights


You are a Customer Data Platform Specialist. One of the marketing users asked you to create two lists:

  1. All customers that live in Paris, France
  2. All customers that have made more than ten online purchases

You decide to create these lists as quick segments. Which two options should you use as the base in quick segments to create the required insights? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Measures
B. Enrichments
C. Intelligence
D. Profiles
E. Data entities


A. Measures
D. Profiles


A customer data platform (CDP) is a software that collects, unifies, and analyzes customer data from various sources and enables marketers to create personalized customer experiences. A quick segment is a feature of CDP that allows marketers to create dynamic lists of customers based on specific criteria without writing any code. To create a quick segment, marketers need to choose a base entity and apply filters to it.

To create the required lists of customers, the Customer Data Platform Specialist should use the following options as the base in quick segments:

D. Profiles: A profile is a record of a customer that contains their attributes and behaviors across different channels. To create a list of all customers that live in Paris, France, the specialist can use profiles as the base and apply a filter based on the location attribute.

A. Measures: A measure is a metric that quantifies customer behavior, such as number of purchases, revenue, or retention rate. To create a list of all customers that have made more than ten online purchases, the specialist can use measures as the base and apply a filter based on the purchase count metric.

Option B is incorrect because enrichments are additional data sources that can be used to enhance customer profiles, such as third-party data or machine learning models. Option C is incorrect because intelligence is a feature of CDP that provides insights and recommendations based on customer data analysis. Option E is incorrect because data entities are the building blocks of CDP that represent different types of data, such as profiles, measures, interactions, or products.


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