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AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers – Page 9

The latest Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals exam and earn Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals certification.

Question 801

The Text Analytics service can detect handwritten signatures in a document. True or False?

A. True
B. False

Question 802

You are developing a solution that needs to identify the main talking points in a collection of documents.

Which type of natural language processing should you use?

A. Entity recognition
B. Sentiment analysis
C. Key phrase extraction
D. Language detection


Key phrase extraction evaluates unstructured text, and for each document returns a list of key phrases.

Question 803

Monitoring public news sites for negative mentions of a product is an example of natural language processing. True or False?

A. True
B. False


Monitoring public news sites for negative mentions of a product is an example of natural language processing.

Question 804

You need to develop a natural language processing solution in Azure that will analyze customer reviews and determine how positive or negative each review is.

Which type of natural language processing workload is best suited for this scenario?

A. Entity recognition
B. Key phrase extraction
C. Language detection
D. Sentiment analysis


Sentiment analysis can help in determining the sentiment in a text, therefore labelling if a customer review is positive or negative.

Question 805

You need to apply Text Analytics API features to a technical support ticketing system.

In order to extract DateTime values from the support ticket that are relevant for mapping when the issue first occurred, which API feature should you use?

A. Entity recognition
B. Sentiment analysis
C. Language detection
D. Key phrase extraction


Entity Recognition is the ability to identify different entities in text and categorize them into pre-defined classes or types.

Question 806

Azure Bot Service engages with customers in a conversational manner. True or False?

A. True
B. False


Azure Bot Service engages with customers in a conversational manner.

Question 807

You have to provide content for a business chatbot that will answer simple user questions. Which way(s) can you use in QnA Maker to provide a knowledge base to the chatbot?

Select all options that apply.

A. Connect the bot to the Cortana channel and ask questions using Cortana.
B. Use automated machine learning to train a model based on a file that contains questions
C. Generate the questions and answers from an existing webpage
D. Manually enter the questions and answers


QnA maker can populate knowledge bases through FAQ pages, by manually entering questions or answers or by importing pre-defined chit-chat data sources.

Question 808

Which two scenarios can be used as examples of conversational Al workloads?

Select all options that apply.

A. Assembly line machinery that autonomously inserts keyboards into laptops
B. A smart device in your home that responds to questions such as “What will the weather be like next week?”
C. A website that uses a knowledge base to interactively respond to users questions


Conversational Al is the set of technologies behind automated messaging and speech-enabled applications that offer human-like interactions between computers and humans, such as chatbots or virtual assistant devices.

Question 809

You plan to use Form Recognizer service to process receipts that are scanned into PDF files. What is the maximum file size of PDF file you can submit to the model?

A. 200 MB
B. 50 MB
C. 10 MB


When using Form Recognizer service, one of the guidelines for best results is to submit files that are not larger than 50 MB size.

Question 810

The company you work for manages a dockyard where hundreds of containers of merchandise are processed every day. You need to implement an Al solution that can extract ships and containers registration numbers from images. Which Al workload should you use?

A. Optical character recognition (OCR)
B. Object detection
C. Facial recognition
D. Image classification


OCR has represents the ability to extract text from images is handled by the Computer Vision service, which also provides image analysis capabilities.

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