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AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers – Page 3

The latest Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals exam and earn Microsoft AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals certification.

Exam Question 261

You are using speech service and have decided to use batch transcription. What is the shortcoming of this approach?

Correct Answer


Exam Question 262

The Text-to-Speech neural voices leverage neural networks resulting in a more robotic-sounding voice

Correct Answer


Exam Question 263

The root mean squared error (RMSE) is based on the same units as the label

Correct Answer


Exam Question 264

What does an AUC of 0.1 indicate in a binary classification model?

Correct Answer

The model performs worse than random guessing

Exam Question 265

You have used Custom Vision and have provided your app developers with the required Endpoint(s) and Key(s). Developers are concerned that they have multiple sets of Endpoints and Keys. This is a valid concern.

Correct Answer


Exam Question 266

What is the easiest method to define elements of your LUIS model

Correct Answer

LUIS portal

Exam Question 267

You have used a wrong language code in text analytics. What sentiment analysis score should you expect?

Correct Answer


Exam Question 268

Classification is an examples of _____ machine learning

Correct Answer


Exam Question 269

Paid subscription version of the form recogniser supports up to _____ pages and a maximum of ____ lines per page

Correct Answer

– 200 pages
– 300 lines

Exam Question 270

To access the knowledge base of QnAmaker, what do the clients need?

Correct Answer

the knowledge base authorisation key
the knowledge base ID
the knowledge base endpoint

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