AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers – Page 3

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Exam Question 231

You are capturing images in which texts are dominant. You are using an API which is now returning false positives. Which API are you currently using?

Correct Answer:
Read API

Exam Question 232

You wish to predict propery prices based on a known set of features. This is an example of

Correct Answer:
regression classification

Exam Question 233

You wish to separate your training and prediction resources for classifying your own images. Which services works best?

Correct Answer:
Custom vision

Exam Question 234

The free tier subscription of Form Recognizer processes up to ____ pages when passing in PDF or TIFF document format

Correct Answer:

Exam Question 235

You work for an insurance company. You have been asked to develop an application that places clients into high, medium and low categories. Which machine learning model should you use?

Correct Answer:

Exam Question 236

Which two metrics can be used to evaluate a classification model?

Correct Answer:
F1 score

Exam Question 237

Azure custom vision portal is accessed through

Correct Answer:

Exam Question 238

The process of changing all feature values in a dataset to be on a common scale is known as

Correct Answer:
Data normalisation

Exam Question 239

You are monitoring your company’s social media feed and you get a sentiment analysis score of 0.2. What does this score indicate?

Correct Answer:
Most comments are negative

Exam Question 240

You are using a model to classify images and you are looking at the recall metric. What does this metric mean?

Correct Answer:
The percentage of the class predictions made by the model were correct