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MC494732: Update of Administrator PowerShell Cmdlet to transfer Sways

Microsoft Sway offers Administrators the capability to reassign Sways from one user to another. This is helpful when employees leave the company among other scenarios. A PowerShell Cmdlet exists today to support Administrators with this.

When this will happen

This change is currently available.

What you need to do to prepare

We have updated this PowerShell Cmdlet with latest security upgrades and have made a newer version available. This is only a security upgrade & there are no changes to the functionality offered by the Cmdlet.

We request you to delete the older version of the Cmdlet you might have downloaded onto your local machine & download/use only the newer version of the Cmdlet going forward.

Instructions page has been updated with corresponding changes including link to download the newer version of the Cmdlet. Instructions page can be found here: Reassign Sways from a deleted user account – Admin Help

Message ID: MC494732
Published: 2023-01-05
Updated: 2023-01-05

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