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IT Managed Services Provider Resource Recommendation Update on 2022-12-14


Awesome Infosec is a curated list of cybersecurity resources, tools, information and educational content that can be extremely helpful for security-focused sysadmins who have been tasked with protecting their organizations from potential threats. This handy list was kindly recommended by 32BP.

Free Tool

horst is a small, lightweight 802.11 wireless LAN analyzer with a nice text interface that shows different, aggregated information not easily available from other tools like tcpdump, Wireshark or Kismet. Provides a quick overview of what’s happening on all channels, so you can identify problems and debug wireless LANs. Appreciates “that it shows the amount of traffic on each channel. So you can kind of get an idea of which channels to avoid.”

Emkei’s Mailer is an online tool for sending fake emails, including attachments and encryption. Offers an HTML editor and advanced setting options. Recommends it for sending “spoofed emails on behalf of any domain. Just pick a domain with a ‘p=reject’ policy and DMARC should fail.”

Dual Monitor Tools is a set of open-source tools designed for Windows users with dual- or multiple-monitor setups. Individual tools can be installed independently, so you are able pick and choose exactly what you want.

GoFlow2 is a high-performance sFlow/IPFIX/NetFlow collector that gathers network information and serializes it in a common format. This fork of CloudFlare’s GoFlow provides horizontal scalability, consistent format and the ability to work with raw samples and build aggregation and custom enrichment.


Command Line Heroes shares fascinating stories about the developers, hackers and assorted other geeks who are changing the world of technology. The show is hosted by Saron Yitbarek, a developer and the founder of the CodeNewbie community.


Dell Command Script for Intune offers a time-saving, automated option for updating Dell systems—including even changing the BIOS password is applicable. Author explains, “[it] basically locks down DCU, updates on a schedule, and applies a BIOS password to both the BIOS and DCU. It also hides all notifications and does not auto-reboot or prompt for it.… [and] takes away Dell bloatware.”


Faris Malaeb – The System Admin is full of useful tutorials and other information on how you can use PowerShell to automate sysadmin tasks and solve problems. It is the work of a highly credentialed enterprise architect, consultant and certified trainer with deep expertise in the Microsoft realm.

Tutorial and Cheatsheet

Fast-Ansible is an Ansible repo loaded with how tos on: hands-on LABs, ad-hoc commands, modules, playbooks, tags, managing files/servers, users, roles, handlers, host variables, templates and more. Author explains, “I wanted to share the Ansible tutorial, cheat sheet and usage scenarios that I created as a notebook for myself. I know that Ansible is a detailed topic to learn in the short term, so I gathered useful information and created sample general usage scenarios.”


Offers a terrific ‘you’ll-thank-me-later’ career suggestion: keep a running personal log of the big and small projects you worked on. It will help years later when you are asked to provide a resume for a specific scope. I’m writing a resume for an AD specialist position and it’s crazy to list and remember all the big and small projects across my 20 in the business.”

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