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How to Unlock Rare Red Chests with Copper Keys in Palworld

Embark on a thrilling quest for Red Chests with Copper Keys in Palworld, enhancing your gameplay with exclusive rewards and treasures. Discover strategic methods for obtaining Copper Keys, including Gold and Purple Chests, defeating Alpha Pals and Bosses, and engaging in raids, with the elusive Leezpunk as a key figure.

Unravel the mystery of Red Chests’ rare and random spawning, challenging players to explore extensively and rely on persistence and luck to uncover these valuable treasures.

How to Unlock Rare Red Chests with Copper Keys in Palworld

How to get Copper Key in Palworld

Copper Keys are rare items that you need to open Red Chests in Palworld. These keys are hard to find, but you can try these methods:

  • Open Gold and Purple Chests. These chests have random loot, including Copper Keys. You can find them in different places on the map.
  • Fight Alpha Pals and Bosses. These enemies are tough, but they can drop Copper Keys sometimes. They can also drop Silver Keys, which are more valuable.
  • Join raids. Raids are events where you have to defend your base from attacks. You can get Copper Keys from raid chests or as a reward for completing the raid. Look for Leezpunk, a character who drops keys often.

How to Find Red Chests in Palworld

Red Chests are very rare and special chests that you can open with Copper Keys. These chests have amazing rewards, but they are hard to find:

  • Explore the map. Red Chests can spawn anywhere on the map, but they are very rare. They don’t have a fixed spawn time or location, so you need to be lucky to find them.
  • Look for the red color. Red Chests have a red color that makes them stand out from other chests. They don’t have any aura, so you have to look carefully for them.

Red Chests and Copper Keys are exciting and mysterious items in Palworld. They make you explore the game world and discover its secrets. You never know what you might get from these rare chests!

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