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2 Primary Methods to Train Pals Learn New Attacks and Skills in Palworld

Palworld is a game where you can explore, craft, and battle with your pals. But to win battles, you need to make your pals stronger and smarter. You can do that by teaching them new attacks and skills.

This article will show you two main ways to teach your pals new moves: using Skill Fruits and leveling up. By following these methods, you can customize your pals’ abilities and prepare them for any adventure.

How to Train Pals to Learn New Attacks and Skills in Palworld

Method 1: Using Skill Fruits

Skill Fruits act as delectable treats, serving as the key to unlocking your Pals’ potential with new Active Abilities or attacks. Here’s a detailed guide to effectively utilize Skill Fruits:

Using Skill Fruits in Palworld

Understanding Skill Fruits

Categorized by Element Type, Skill Fruits mimic the appearance of attacks. Electric Skill Fruits exhibit a prickly, yellow look, while Water Skill Fruits resemble raindrops. Each Skill Fruit imparts a specific attack within its Element Type, emphasizing the importance of matching elements for effective skill acquisition.

Purchase Options

Merchants within the game offer Skill Fruits for sale, with prices varying based on the rarity of the attack being taught. On average, these skill-enhancing treats may cost between 3,000 to 5,000 Gold. Vigilance while exploring is key to spotting these items for purchase.

Harvesting from Skill Fruit Trees

Navigate the world of Palworld to discover glowing blue Skill Fruit Trees that yield three Skill Fruits each. These trees regenerate over time, making it essential to mark their locations on your map for convenient revisits and continued skill development.

Seeking Random Loot and Chests

Beyond vendors and trees, Skill Fruits can be found as random loot or inside chests during your exploration. A thorough approach to looting ensures you don’t miss these valuable resources that contribute to your Pals’ combat proficiency.

By incorporating these detailed steps into your gameplay, you’ll efficiently teach your Pals new attacks, transforming them into formidable champions ready to face any challenge Palworld presents.

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Method 2: Leveling Up

As you embark on your Palworld adventure, guiding your Pals to level up and acquire new attacks is paramount for creating a team of formidable fighters. Here’s a detailed guide on ensuring your Pals become adept combatants:

Leveling Up in Palworld

Earning Experience Points (EXP):

Engage in battles, complete quests, and explore the expansive world of Palworld to accumulate valuable EXP. The more you gain, the closer both you and your Pals come to leveling up.

Notification of Leveling Up

Receive on-screen notifications when your Pal levels up, marking a significant achievement. This notification signals that your Pal has successfully learned a new attack, enhancing their combat capabilities.

Checking New Attacks

Access the Active Skills menu to review the new attack your Pal has acquired. In case it’s not immediately visible, rest assured – you can customize your Pal’s abilities by swapping skills, ensuring they are optimized for your preferred playstyle.

By strategically combining the utilization of Skill Fruits and the leveling-up process, you actively shape your Pal’s skillset, transforming them into a powerful companion ready to conquer the challenges that await in the dynamic world of Palworld.

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