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How to Find and Capture Alpha Pals in Palworld

Palworld is a game where you can explore, craft, and battle with your pals. But some pals are more special than others. They are called Alpha Pals, and they are the strongest and rarest pals in the game. You can only find them in boss fights, and you can only capture them with skill and luck.

How to Find and Capture Alpha Pals in Palworld

This article will show you how to find and capture Alpha Pals in Palworld.

Navigating Palworld’s Alpha Bosses

Explore the thrilling world of Palworld with our simple guide to Alpha Bosses and their locations.

Field Alpha Boss Interactive Map

Utilize the interactive map to discover Alpha Bosses across Palapagos Island, locating Fast Travel Points, Dungeons, and Field Bosses for an enhanced Palworld journey.

List of All Alpha Bosses

Encounter formidable Field Alpha Bosses like Mammorest, Chillet, Kingpaca, and more. Uncover their strengths and capture them to fortify your Pal collection.

Where to Find Alphas

Keep an eye on your map as Alpha Bosses appear in fixed locations throughout the open world, presenting exciting challenges for players.

Dungeon Exploration

Explore dungeons for Alpha Boss encounters, facing unique and powerful Pals at the end of each dungeon. Each encounter provides an opportunity for capture, strengthening your Pal roster.

Rerolling Alphas

Desiring a specific Pal at the end of a dungeon? Simply run away to despawn the boss and reroll the encounter. Repeat until you capture the Pal of your choice, ensuring you build the ultimate Pal collection in Palworld.

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Conquering Alpha Bosses in Palworld

Discover the realm of Alpha Pals, marked with distinction as bossfight-exclusive. Capture them to showcase the prestigious Alpha mark on their icons or names.

Alpha Presence in Boss Encounters

In boss battles, Alpha Pals appear larger, enhancing their imposing presence. Once captured, they gracefully return to their original size.

Exclusive Allure of Alpha Pals

While stat and skill differences from regular Pals remain unconfirmed, the allure of Alpha Pals lies in their exclusivity and unique presence in the Palworld realm.

Optimal Alphas to Reroll For

Aim for Alpha Pals with powerful Partner Skills, strategically rerolling encounters to secure a Pal that effectively complements your base or party dynamics.

Capture Prestigious Alpha Versions

Ensure your favorite Pals carry the prestigious alpha mark by capturing their Alpha Versions. Seek Lucky/Rare versions during captures to enhance your Pal collection.

Unique Pal Collection

Utilize Alpha Boss encounters to hunt for rare Pals, adding unique and exclusive members to your growing Pal collection. Embark on your Palworld adventure, challenging Alpha Bosses, and expanding your Pal roster with these exceptional creatures.

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