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How to Build and Craft Perfect Pal Beds in Palworld

Craft cozy beds in Palworld efficiently with this guide! From recipes to resources, get step-by-step instructions for creating ideal sleeping spaces. Strategically craft Straw Pal Beds to match your tamed Pals, reducing stress and enhancing their well-being.

How to Build and Craft Perfect Pal Beds in Palworld

How to craft a bed in Palworld

  1. Open the building wheel by using the designated key or button on your gaming platform.
  2. In the building wheel, locate and select the Infrastructure tab to explore items for building structures and furnishings.
  3. In the Infrastructure tab, find bed options based on your Pal’s size and game progress. Select from recipes like Straw Pal Bed, Fluffy Pal Bed, or Large Pal Bed.
  4. After choosing the bed recipe, the game will prompt you to pick a location for the bed. Use the controls to place the bed within your game environment as desired.
  5. With Straw Pal Beds, ensure each tamed Pal has a bed. Inadequate beds may stress Pals, leading to potential negative consequences, including death.
  6. To craft a Shoddy Bed, unlock the Wooden Structure Set in the Technology tab. Access the building wheel, go to the Foundations tab, choose Wooden Foundation, and place it where you want the bed.
  7. Collect materials for different beds. For a Shoddy Bed, gather Wool x1, Fiber x5, and Wood x20.
  8. Confirm the crafting process, and the game will deduct the necessary resources. Once crafted, the bed will be placed in your chosen location.
  9. Regularly check Pals to ensure they have comfortable sleeping arrangements. Upgrading beds as you progress is advisable to prevent issues with Pal stress and well-being.

Successfully craft and place beds in Palworld by following these steps.

How to Unlock Bed Structures

Open your inventory, go to the Technology tab, and explore the 3 sections. Locate “Shoddy Bed” for your character and “Straw Pal Bed” for your Pals. Unlock both beds using 3 Technology Points each. Additionally, purchase the Wooden Structure Set from the 2nd section.

How to craft Straw Pal Bed

  1. Gather resources – Fiber x5, Wood x10.
  2. Open the building wheel, access the Infrastructure tab.
  3. Choose Straw Pal Bed recipe and select a suitable location for construction.
  4. Ensure each tamed Pal has a Straw Pal Bed to prevent stress and potential death.

How to craft  Shoddy Bed

  1. Gather resources – Wool x1, Fiber x5, Wood x20.
  2. Unlock Wooden Structure Set in Technology tab.
  3. Open building wheel, go to Foundations tab.
  4. Select Wooden Foundation, place where you want to build (costs 2 wood).
  5. Once platform is built, place the Shoddy Bed on it.

How to build Walls and Ceiling for Shoddy Bed

  1. Ensure a shelter for the Shoddy Bed to rest comfortably.
  2. Construct walls and a ceiling using less than 20 Wood.


  • Ensure Pal Comfort: Remember, Pals need their own Straw Pal Beds to avoid stress and potential death. Have enough beds for all your tamed Pals.
  • Shoddy Bed Usage: The Shoddy Bed is for your character. Provide a wooden platform with walls and a ceiling for proper usage.

Palworld Bed Features

The “Straw Pal Bed” in Palworld is a crucial element for the well-being and comfort of tamed creatures. Here are its features:

Straw Pal Bed Material Requirements

Crafting a Straw Pal Bed requires specific resources: Fiber (x5) and Wood (x10). These easily obtainable materials make the bed accessible for early-game use.

Straw Pal Bed Placement Versatility

The Straw Pal Bed can be constructed anywhere, as long as the ground relief is not excessively rugged. This flexibility enables players to strategically place beds within their base or in different locations to meet the sleeping needs of the Pals.

Individual Straw Pal Beds for Pals

Crucially, provide as many Straw Pal Beds as there are Pals you’ve tamed. Each Pal needs its own bed, and the lack of a designated sleeping space can cause stress, negatively affecting their well-being and potentially leading to adverse consequences, including death.

Stress Prevention

Dedicated sleeping spaces for each Pal prevent stress. Stressed Pals may exhibit negative behaviors, making it crucial to manage their well-being by ensuring they have a proper place to rest for overall happiness and health.

Resource-Efficient Construction

Crafting the Straw Pal Bed is resource-efficient, with minimal requirements. The combination of commonly found resources, Fiber and Wood, ensures players can easily create beds for their Pals without facing significant resource challenges.

User-Friendly Crafting Process

Crafting the Straw Pal Bed is a straightforward process. Players can access the building wheel, go to the Infrastructure tab, select the Straw Pal Bed recipe, and choose a suitable location for construction. This simplicity enhances the user experience, making it accessible for players at various stages of the game.

Essential for Pal Well-Being

The Straw Pal Bed is more than just a decorative element; it is a crucial component for the overall well-being of the Pals. Offering them a comfortable and dedicated sleeping space contributes to the positive experience and health of the tamed creatures.

Best Beds for Pals in Palworld Overview

Straw Pal Bed Highlights

  • Easiest to craft.
  • Ideal for Small Pals.
  • Unlocked at level 3.
  • Provides basic comfort.

Fluffy Pal Bed Highlights

  • Crafting is more challenging compared to Straw Pal Bed.
  • Suitable for Small and Medium-sized Pals.
  • Unlocked at level 24.
  • Offers higher comfort than Straw Pal Bed.

Large Pal Bed Highlights

  • Most challenging to craft.
  • Specifically designed for large Pals.
  • Unlocked at level 36.
  • Demands significant effort to create.


  • In emergencies, Straw Pal Bed is usable for all Pals.
  • Medium-sized Pals and above may become upset with subpar living conditions.
  • Overusing Straw Pal Bed may result in various issues; hence, upgrading to Fluffy Pal Bed is advisable for improved comfort.

Note: The selection of the bed depends on your Pals’ size and the desired level of comfort in Palworld.

In summary, the Straw Pal Bed in Palworld is a feature-rich element that extends beyond its fundamental function of offering a sleeping place for Pals. It plays a crucial role in stress prevention, ensuring individualized comfort, and contributing to the overall positive experience of managing and interacting with the game’s unique creatures.

FAQs about How to Build and Craft Perfect Pal Beds in Palworld

Crafting Beds in Palworld?

Open the building wheel, navigate to Infrastructure, select the bed type, and choose a spot to build. For Shoddy Bed, unlock Wooden Structure Set, build a Wooden Foundation, then place the bed. Gather Wool, Fiber, and Wood to craft.

Purposes of Pals?

Yes, Pals in Palworld can serve various purposes, including being allies in battles, working on farms, being traded, or even used as a source of food.

Consequences of Missing Beds for Pals?

Pals can experience stress and potential death if they lack beds in Palworld. Providing sufficient sleeping space is crucial for their well-being.

Palworld Game Modes?

Palworld offers both single-player and online co-op modes, allowing players to choose between playing alone or teaming up with friends.

Unlocking Bed Building Ability?

Open your inventory, go to the Technology tab, and spend 3 Technology Points to unlock “Straw Pal Bed” and “Shoddy Bed” structures.

Placing Straw Pal Beds?

Yes, Straw Pal Beds can be constructed anywhere, offering flexibility in placement as long as the ground relief is not too rugged.

Need for Separate Beds?

Each Pal requires its own bed to prevent stress and potential negative consequences, including death, highlighting the importance of individual sleeping spaces.

Materials for Straw Pal Bed?

Crafting a Straw Pal Bed requires 5 Fiber and 10 Wood, making it a resource-efficient option for players.

Purpose of Shoddy Bed?

The Shoddy Bed is for your character, necessitating a wooden platform with walls and a ceiling. It provides a proper resting place within a sheltered environment.

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