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[Solved] How Do I Fix Samsung Sound+ Soundbar Bluetooth Audio Drops Out Problem?

Problem: When connecting a device to Samsung Sound+ Soundbar via Bluetooth. The audio may drop out or skip at a short distance from the Samsung Soundbar.

Samsung Soundbar 360, 450, 550 Bluetooth audio drop out


Updating firmware on Samsung Soundbar will resolve audio drop out issue. Follow the steps below to update Samsung Soundbar firmware:

Step 1: Prepare USB flash drive and micro USB cable.

Step 2: Copy HMS-KxxxWWMW-T0149.ssp file into the root directory of the flash drive. Where xxx is the model number of the soundbar: 360, 450, 550.

Step 3: Power ON the Soundbar and go to USB mode by pressing the source button.

Step 4: Connect USB flash drive to micro USB cable and then connect it to the USB port on the back of the Soundbar.

Step 5: The display will show W nn% while it is updating. nn is a number from 1 to 99.

Step 6: When the update is finished, the display will show DONE and the Soundbar will power OFF automatically.

Step 7: Remove the USB flash drive.

Step 8: To confirm the firmware update, press the SOUND CONTROL button on the remote for 5 seconds while in Standby mode. You will see scrolling (M xxxx.x → B xxxx.x → H xxxx.x → WGM149 → R xxx)


Samsung Troubleshooting Guide: Bluetooth Audio Drops Out



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