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10 Effective Solutions for Rainbow Six Siege Matchmaking Error Code 2-0x0000d00a

Do you love playing Rainbow Six Siege but hate seeing the annoying Error Code 2-0x0000d00a? Don’t worry! This error can ruin your gaming fun, but we have the solutions. In this article, we will show you how to fix this problem quickly and easily. You will be back to your thrilling gaming adventure in no time.

10 Effective Solutions for Rainbow Six Siege Matchmaking Error Code 2-0x0000d00a

Solution 1: Ensure a stable internet connection to avoid Error Code 2-0x0000d00a

Conduct a speed test, restart your modem or router, and use an Ethernet cable for an even more reliable connection.

Solution 2: Verify Ubisoft Server Status

Before troubleshooting Error Code 2-0x0000d00a, check the official server status page and monitor social media or Downdetector for reported server issues. Stay informed for a seamless gaming experience.

Solution 3: Adjust DNS Settings

Improve stability and resolve matchmaking issues associated with the 2-0x0000d00a error by adjusting DNS settings. In network settings, switch to a public DNS server like Google’s ( and or Cloudflare’s ( Save the changes, restart your device, and experience enhanced performance.

Solution 4: Configure Port Forwarding for Rainbow Six Siege

Elevate your gaming experience by forwarding ports on your router. Access your router settings, input Rainbow Six Siege’s designated ports from Ubisoft’s official site, and restart your router for seamless gameplay.

Console Enhancements (Xbox/PlayStation)

Improve connectivity by using an ethernet cable, power cycling your console, and enabling UPnP. For port forwarding, request your ISP to forward specific ports: Xbox (TCP 80, 443 | UDP 3074, 6150, 10000-10099), PlayStation (TCP 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 | UDP 3074, 6150, 10000-10099).

PC Solutions

Ensure a stable connection by checking and restarting your internet, rebooting your router and PC, and using a wired connection. For port forwarding, ask your ISP to forward Rainbow Six Siege ports (TCP: 13000, 13005, 13200, 14000-14024 | UDP: 6015). Additional fixes include resetting the Hosts file and flushing DNS.

Solution 5: Disable VPN or Proxy

Resolve Error Code 2-0x0000d00a by disabling active VPN or proxy services. Turn off these services, restart your device, and establish a direct connection to the game servers for an improved gaming experience.

Solution 6:  Update Network Adapter Driver

Prevent connectivity issues in Rainbow Six Siege by updating network drivers. In ‘Device Manager,’ expand ‘Network adapters,’ right-click on your network device, and select ‘Update driver.’ Opt for ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ to install the latest drivers and enhance your online gaming experience.

Solution 7:  Run Game As Administrator

Resolve potential obstacles in Rainbow Six Siege by running the game as an administrator. Right-click on the game shortcut, choose ‘Run as administrator’ from the menu, and, if prompted by User Account Control (UAC), click ‘Yes’ to grant administrative privileges, ensuring seamless access to essential files and services.

Solution 8:  Ensure Game Integrity

Optimize your gaming experience on PC by verifying game files through platform features like Steam or Ubisoft Connect. For Steam, right-click on Rainbow Six Siege in your Library, go to ‘Properties,’ navigate to ‘Local Files,’ and click ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files.’ On Ubisoft Connect, click on the game in your library, go to ‘Properties,’ and select ‘Verify files’ to identify and replace any missing or damaged files.

Solution 9: Reinstall the Game

If previous steps prove ineffective, consider reinstalling Rainbow Six Siege to address potential problems arising from corrupted game data:

  1. Open your gaming platform (Steam or Ubisoft Connect).
  2. Locate Rainbow Six Siege in your library.
  3. Right-click on the game, select ‘Uninstall,’ and confirm.
  4. Restart your computer for a clean start.
  5. Reopen the gaming platform after the restart.
  6. Return to your library, find Rainbow Six Siege, and click ‘Install.’
  7. Follow installation prompts, allowing updates to download.
  8. Once installed, launch the game to check for issue resolution.

This ensures a fresh installation, potentially resolving any persistent issues linked to corrupted data.

Solution 10:  Reach Ubisoft’s Support Team for Specialized Assistance

If previous solutions prove ineffective in resolving Error Code 2-0x0000d00a in Rainbow Six Siege, consider reaching out to Ubisoft’s support team for specialized assistance:

  1. Visit the Ubisoft support website.
  2. Submit a detailed ticket outlining the error and listing attempted troubleshooting steps.
  3. Await a response from Ubisoft’s support team.
  4. Follow any provided instructions or solutions to address the intricate issue.

Engage with Ubisoft Support for tailored assistance in resolving the problem.

In summary, resolving issues like Error Code 2-0x0000d00a in Rainbow Six Siege involves standard troubleshooting steps such as checking connections, server status, adjusting settings, updating drivers, and reinstalling the game. For more intricate problems, seeking assistance from Ubisoft’s support professionals is recommended. Their expertise can offer personalized solutions to ensure a seamless gaming experience in Rainbow Six Siege.

Alex Lim is a certified IT Technical Support Architect with over 15 years of experience in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting complex IT systems and networks. He has worked for leading IT companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco, providing technical support and solutions to clients across various industries and sectors. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the National University of Singapore and a master’s degree in information security from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also the author of several best-selling books on IT technical support, such as The IT Technical Support Handbook and Troubleshooting IT Systems and Networks. Alex lives in Bandar, Johore, Malaysia with his wife and two chilrdren. You can reach him at [email protected] or follow him on Website | Twitter | Facebook

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