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Enable iPhone or iPad Feature using IPCC in iTunes Carrier Testing Mode

iTunes carrier testing mode allows you to manually load signed .ipcc carrier files onto iPhone or cellular iPad. .ipcc files contain various carrier settings pertaining to voice mail, MMS and SMS, Personal Hotspot, APN settings and other network-specific preferences. Other than making network configuration easy IPCC also used to forcibly enable features that are disabled by default. This article will show you how to enable carrier testing mode, how to find ipcc files and how to use IPCC files with either iPhone or iPad with cellular connection.

Enabling Carrier Testing Mode in iTunes
The process to enable carrier testing have some different for Mac OS X and Windows.

Mac OS X:
Step 1: Quit out of iTunes
Step 2: Launch Terminal from /Applications/Utilities/
Step 3: Enter the following command at the prompt and then hit return:
defaults write carrier-testing -bool YES
Step 4: Relaunch iTunes

If you happen to use iOS device with Windows, iTunes carrier testing mode is enabled by launching iTunes as an exe with a flag attached to it:
%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Finding & Downloading .ipcc Files
All signed ipcc carrier settings files are stored in xml file on, you can access here.
Find the carrier file you want to use and then copy the URL and paste it into browser address bar to download it directly from Apple. Save that file somewhere that it is easy to find for using with iTunes.

Loading .ipcc Files onto an iPad or iPhone with iTunes
Now that carrier mode is enabled, you can load carrier files onto the iOS device. In either OS X or Windows:

Step 1: Connect the iOS device to the computer
Step 2: Launch iTunes and hold the Option key while clicking on “Check for Update” to load an .ipcc file
Step 3: Select the .ipcc file to sync the .ipcc to the iOS device
Step 4: Disconnect the iOS device and reboot it for changes to take effect

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