Definitive Guide to Next-Generation Threat Protection

Winning War Against New Breed of Cyber Attacks. Despite the over $20 billion invested in IT security technology last year, countless enterprises and government agencies have fallen victim to cyber attacks of incredible sophistication and complexity.

In this Definitive Guide to Next-Generation Threat Protection, Steve Piper, CISSP, dissects today’s new breed of cyber attacks and how to fill the gap in network defenses.

This ebook guide will cover topic as below:
– Defining Next-Generation Threats with Staggering Statistics including Commercial attacks, Goverment attacks, cost of failure, Traditional threats and Next-Generation Threats.

– Who is the Enemy (Cybercriminals, State-sponsored threat actors and Hacktivists) and how the enemy succeeds with bypassing signature-based defenses and anomaly-based defenses.

– Anatomy of Advanced Cyber Attacks including APTs in Dept, APTs in the News, The Ripple Effect of a National APT Attack, APT Attack Life Cycle and Telltale Signs of an APT Attack.

APT Attack Life Cycle including below Stages:
Stage 1: Initial intrusion through system exploitation
Stage 2: Malware is installed on compromised system
Stage 3: Outbound connection is initiated
Stage 4: Attacker spreads laterally
Stage 5: Compromised data is extracted
Attacker covers his tracks, remaining undetected.

– Introduction Next-Generation Threat Protection including what the World really needs, Next-Generation Threat Protection definition and key components.

Next-Generation Threat Protection Key Components including:
– Malware protection system
– Virtual execution engine
– Central management system
– Cloud threat intelligence network

– Next-Generation Threat Protection Explored to cover how Next-Generation Threat Protection works and Key features of Next-Generation Threat Protection and how to integrated NGTP into your existing IT infrastructure.

Key Features of Next-Generation Threat Protection consists of:
– Virtual execution of suspicious objects
– Fast-path blocking
– Malicious file quarantine
– Centralized management
– Malware intelligent sharing
– Custom rule support
– AV-suite integration
– Role-based access controls
– Dashboard
– Reports
– Alerts

– Selecting the Right NGTP Solution criteria

Important NGTP buying criteria including:
– Integrated NGTP platform for Web, email and file inspection
– Monitors ingress and egress traffic
– Inspects board range of file types
– Solution for manual malware analysis
– No false positives or false negatives
– Support for custom rules
– Intuitive user interface
– Responsive customer support