CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Questions and Answers (10)

The latest CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) exam and earn CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) certification.

Question 921: A transitive trust:
A. is automatically established between a parent and a child
B. is used to update DNS records
C. allows access to untrusted domains
D. can be used in place of a hardware token for logins

Question 922: Which of the following BEST explains why a development environment should have the same database server secure baseline that exists in production even if there is no PII in the database?
A. Without the same configuration in both development and production, there are no assurances that changes made in development will have the same effect in production
B. Attackers can extract sensitive, personal information from lower development environment databases just as easily as they can from production databases
C. Databases are unique in their need to have secure configurations applied in all environments because they are attacked more often
D. Laws stipulate that databases with the ability to store personal information must be secured regardless of the environment or if they actually have PII

Question 923: A network administrator was provided the following output from a vulnerability scan:

A network administrator was provided the following output from a vulnerability scan.
A network administrator was provided the following output from a vulnerability scan.

The network administrator has been instructed to prioritize remediation efforts based on overall risk to the enterprise. Which of the following plugin IDs should be remediated FIRST?
A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13
E. 14

Question 924: A security administrator wants to better prepare the incident response team for possible security events.
The IRP has been updated and distributed to incident response team members. Which of the following is the BEST option to fulfill the administrator’s objective?
A. Identify the member’s roles and responsibilities
B. Select a backup/failover location
C. Determine the order of restoration
D. Conduct a tabletop test

Question 925: Which of the following is the purpose of an industry-standard framework?
A. To promulgate compliance requirements for sales of common IT systems
B. To provide legal relief to participating organizations in the event of a security breach
C. To promulgate security settings on a vendor-by-vendor basis
D. To provide guidance across common system implementations

Question 926: Which of the following physical security controls is MOST effective when trying to prevent tailgating?
B. Mantrap
C. Biometrics
D. RFID badge
E. Motion detection

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