CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Questions and Answers (10)

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Question 911: Ann, a user, reports she is receiving emails that appear to be from organizations to which she belongs, but the emails contain links to websites that do not belong to those organizations. Which of the following security scenarios does this describe?
A. A hacker is using Ann’s social media information to create a spear phishing attack
B. The DNS servers for the organizations have been hacked and are pointing to malicious sites
C. The company’s mail system has changed the organization’s links to point to a proxy server for security
D. Ann’s computer is infected with adware that has changed the email links

Question 912: An application developer is working on a new calendar and scheduling application. The developer wants to test new functionality that is time/date dependent and set the local system time to one year in the future.
The application also has a feature that uses SHA-256 hashing and AES encryption for data exchange. The application attempts to connect to a separate remote server using SSL, but the connection fails. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause and next step?
A. The date is past the certificate expiration; reset the system to the current time and see if the connection still fails
B. The remote server cannot support SHA-256; try another hashing algorithm like SHA-1 and see if the application can connect
C. AES is date/time dependent; either reset the system time to the correct time or try a different encryption approach
D. SSL is not the correct protocol to use in this situation; change to TLS and try the client-server connection again

Question 913: A network administrator is trying to provide the most resilient hard drive configuration in a server. With five hard drives, which of the following is the MOST fault-tolerant configuration?
D. RAID 10

Question 914: A company is deploying a wireless network. It is a requirement that client devices must use X.509 certifications to mutually authenticate before connecting to the wireless network. Which of the following protocols would be required to accomplish this?

Question 915: An organization has created a review process to determine how to best handle data with different sensitivity levels. The process includes the following requirements:

  • Soft copy PII must be encrypted.
  • Hard copy PII must be placed in a locked container.
  • Soft copy PHI must be encrypted and audited monthly.
  • Hard copy PHI must be placed in a locked container and inventoried monthly.

Locked containers must be approved and designated for document storage. Any violations must be reported to the Chief Security Officer (CSO).
While searching for coffee in the kitchen, an employee unlocks a cabinet and discovers a list of customer names and phone numbers. Which of the following actions should the employee take?
A. Put the document back in the cabinet, lock the cabinet, and report the incident to the CSO
B. Take custody of the document, secure it at a desk, and report the incident to the CSO
C. Take custody of the document and immediately report the incident to the CSO
D. Put the document back in the cabinet, inventory the contents, lock the cabinet, and report the incident to the CSO

Question 916: A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is staying at a hotel during a business trip. The hotel’s wireless network does not show a lock symbol. Which of the following precautions should the CEO take? (Choose two.)
A. Change the connection type to WPA2
B. Change TKIP to CCMP
C. Use a VPN
D. Tether to a mobile phone
E. Create a tunnel connection with EAP-TTLS

Question 917: A company occupies the third floor of a leased building that has other tenants. The path from the demarcation point to the company’s controlled space runs through unsecured areas managed by other companies. Which of the following could be used to protect the company’s cabling as it passes through uncontrolled spaces?
A. Plenum-rated cables
B. Cable locks
C. Conduits
D. Bayonet Neill-Concelman

Question 918: An organization discovers that unauthorized applications have been installed on company-provided mobile phones. The organization issues these devices, but some users have managed to bypass the security controls. Which of the following is the MOST likely issue, and how can the organization BEST prevent this from happening?
A. The mobile phones are being infected with malware that covertly installs the applications. Implement full disk encryption and integrity-checking software.
B. Some advanced users are jailbreaking the OS and bypassing the controls. Implement an MDM solution to control access to company resources.
C. The mobile phones have been compromised by an APT and can no longer be trusted. Scan the devices for the unauthorized software, recall any compromised devices, and issue completely new ones.
D. Some advanced users are upgrading the devices’ OS and installing the applications. The organization should create an AUP that prohibits this activity.

Question 919: A user is unable to obtain an IP address from the corporate DHCP server. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
A. Default configuration
B. Resource exhaustion
C. Memory overflow
D. Improper input handling

Question 920: Which of the following controls is implemented in lieu of the primary security controls?
A. Compensating
B. Corrective
C. Detective
D. Deterrent

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