Cheat Sheet to Become a TV and Music Streaming Services Master

It’s hard to imagine a world without streaming entertainment. Whether you watch your movies on Netflix or listen to your music on Spotify, streaming provides the ultimate convenient way to have some fun.

Cheat Sheet to Become a TV and Music Streaming Services Master
Cheat Sheet to Become a TV and Music Streaming Services Master

To help you get the most out of these services, we’ve put together this article packed full of handy keyboard shortcuts, Secret Codes, and Channels List that will help you get the most out of all your streaming services. From movies to music, streaming is the ultimate way to consume your entertainment. Read this article to get the most out of it all. This article contains:

  • Amazon Fire Stick Channels List
  • Kodi Shortcuts
  • Netflix Secret Codes
  • Plex Shortcuts
  • Spotify Shortcuts
  • Music For Mac Shortcuts

Table of contents

Amazon Fire Stick Channels List
Kodi Shortcuts
Netflix Secret Codes
Plex Shortcuts
Spotify Shortcuts
Music For Mac Shortcuts

Amazon Fire Stick Channels List








Kodi Shortcuts

UpUp arrow
DownDown arrow
LeftLeft arrow
RightRight arrow
Side menu in default skinM
Menu Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi
Schedule recordings in live TVB
Contextual menuC
Open the EPG (Electronic Program Guide)E
Live TV channels windowH
Live radio channels windowJ
Live TV recordings windowK
Toggle between the last two viewed live TV channels0 (zero)
View information about the selected TV showI
Up and down to move through channel list; left and right to switch channel groupsArrow keys
Live TV Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi
Play/Pause toggleSpace
Fast forward – press once for 2x speed; twice for 4x, etc.F
Rewind the video; tap multiple times for faster rewindingR
Skip forward in 30-second incrementsRight arrow
Skip back in 30-second incrementsLeft arrow
Toggle between full-screen and windowed mode\(Backslash)
Change the aspect ratio of current videoZ
Capture screenshot (saved to preferred location selected after first use)Ctrl + S
Display codec informationO
Mark as watched/unwatchedW
Switch media player, e.g. between internal player and uPnP playerY
Toggle subtitlesT
Change subtitle positionCtrl + T
Decrease playback speed (0.8x – 1.5x speed)Alt + Left arrow
Increase playback speed (0.8x – 1.5x speed)Alt + Right arrow
Queue a file for playbackQ
Move item down in the favorites listD
Move item up in the favorites listU
Media Playback Control Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi
Increase volume+(Plus)
Reduce volume-(Minus)
Mute playbackF8
If audio and video isn’t in sync, use this to adjust the delay and bring the video back into sync.A
Audio Control Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi
Zoom into photo+(Plus)
Zoom out of photo-(Minus)
Incremental zoom, with 9 providing the greatest degree of magnification1-9
Browse back through image library.(Period)
Browse forward through image library,(Comma)
Return to the previous menu, or to the home screenEsc
Display the shutdown menu – exit Kodi, or shutdown or hibernate the host system, such as Windows or macOS.S
Picture Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi
Quit KodiCmd + Q
Hide Kodi to the dockCmd + H
Toggle fullscreen viewCmd + F
Take a screenshotCmd + S
macOS Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi

Netflix Secret Codes

Find secret Netflix categories with this trick. Replace CODE in the following URL with the code for the category by which you want to filter content:

Asian Action Movies77232
Classic Action and Adventure46576
Action Comedies43040
Action Thrillers43048
Comic Book and Superhero Movies10118
Spy Action and Adventure10702
Crime Action and Adventure9584
Foreign Action and Adventure11828
Martial Arts Movies8985
Military Action and Adventure2125
Action and Adventure (1365)
Adult Animation11881
Anime Action2653
Anime Comedies9302
Anime Dramas452
Anime Features3063
Anime Sci-Fi2729
Anime Horror10695
Anime Fantasy11146
Anime Series6721
Anime (7424)
Movies for ages 0 to 26796
Movies for ages 2 to 46218
Movies for ages 5 to 75455
Movies for ages 8 to 10561
Movies for ages 11 to 126962
Education for Kids10659
Movies based on children’s books10056
Family Features51056
TV Cartoons11177
Kids’ TV27346
Kids Music52843
Animal Tales5507
Children and Family Movies (783)
Classic Comedies31694
Classic Dramas29809
Classic Sci-Fi and Fantasy47147
Classic Thrillers46588
Film Noir7687
Classic War Movies48744
Classic Foreign Movies32473
Silent Movies53310
Classic Westerns47465
Classic Movies (31574)
Dark Comedies869
Foreign Comedies4426
Late Night Comedies1402
Political Comedies2700
Screwball Comedies9702
Sports Comedies5286
Stand-Up Comedy11559
Teen Comedies3519
Romantic Comedies5475
Slapstick Comedies10256
Comedies (6548)
B-Horror Movies8195
Campy Movies1252
Cult Horror Movies10944
Cult Sci-Fi and Fantasy4734
Cult Comedies9434
Cult Movies (7627)
Biographical Documentaries3652
Crime Documentaries9875
Foreign Documentaries5161
Historical Documentaries5349
Military Documentaries4006
Sports Documentaries180
Music and Concert Documentaries90361
Travel and Adventure Documentaries1159
Political Documentaries7018
Religious Documentaries10005
Science and Nature Documentaries2595
Social and Cultural Documentaries3675
Documentaries (6839)
Biographical Dramas3179
Classic Dramas29809
Courtroom Dramas528582748
Crime Dramas6889
Dramas based on books4961
Dramas based on real life3653
Foreign Dramas2150
Sports Dramas7243
Gay and Lesbian Dramas500
Independent Dramas384
Teen Dramas9299
Military Dramas11
Period Pieces12123
Political Dramas6616
Romantic Dramas1255
Showbiz Dramas5012
Social Issue Dramas3947
Dramas (5763)
Faith and Spirituality Movies52804
Spiritual Documentaries2760
Kids Faith and Spirituality751423
Faith and Spirituality (26835)
Art House Movies29764
Classic Foreign Movies32473
Foreign Comedies4426
Foreign Documentaries5161
Foreign Dramas2150
Foreign Gay and Lesbian Movies8243
Foreign Horror Movies8654
Foreign Sci-Fi and Fantasy6485
Foreign Thrillers10306
Romantic Foreign Movies7153
African Movies3761
Australian Movies5230
Belgian Movies262
Korean Movies5685
Latin American Movies1613
Middle Eastern Movies5875
New Zealand Movies63782
Russian Movies11567
Scandinavian Movies9292
Southeast Asian Movies9196
Spanish Movies58741
Greek Movies61115
German Movies58886
French Movies58807
Eastern European Movies5254
Dutch Movies10606
Irish Movies58750
Japanese Movies10398
Italian Movies8221
Indian Movies10463
Chinese Movies3960
British Movies10757
Foreign Movies (7462)
Gay and Lesbian Comedies7120
Gay and Lesbian Dramas500
Romantic Gay and Lesbian Movies3329
Foreign Gay and Lesbian Movies8243
Gay and Lesbian Documentaries4720
Gay and Lesbian TV Shows65263
Gay and Lesbian Movies (5977)
B-Horror Movies8195
Creature Features6895
Cult Horror Movies10944
Deep Sea Horror Movies45028
Foreign Horror Movies8654
Horror Comedy89585
Monster Movies947
Slasher and Serial Killer Movies8646
Supernatural Horror Movies42023
Teen Screams52147
Vampire Horror Movies75804
Werewolf Horror Movies75930
Zombie Horror Movies75405
Satanic Stories6998
Horror Movies (8711)
Independent Movies7077
Experimental Movies11079
Independent Action and Adventure11804
Independent Thrillers3269
Romantic Independent Movies9916
Independent Comedies4195
Independent Dramas384
Independent Movies (7077)
Kids Music52843
Country and Western/Folk1105
Jazz and Easy Listening10271
Latin Music10741
Urban and Dance Concerts9472
World Music Concerts2856
Rock and Pop Concerts3278
Music (1701)
Classic Musicals32392
Disney Musicals59433
Showbiz Musicals13573
Stage Musicals55774
Musicals (13335)
Romantic Favorites502675
Quirky Romance36103
Romantic Independent Movies9916
Romantic Foreign Movies7153
Romantic Dramas1255
Steamy Romantic Movies35800
Classic Romantic Movies31273
Romantic Comedies5475
Romantic Movies (8883)
Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy1568
Alien Sci-Fi3327
Classic Sci-Fi and Fantasy47147
Cult Sci-Fi and Fantasy4734
Fantasy Movies9744
Sci-Fi Adventure6926
Sci-Fi Dramas3916
Sci-Fi Horror Movies1694
Sci-Fi Thrillers11014
Foreign Sci-Fi and Fantasy6485
Sci-Fi and Fantasy (1492)
Sports Comedies5286
Sports Documentaries180
Sports Dramas7243
Baseball Movies12339
Football Movies12803
Boxing Movies12443
Soccer Movies12549
Martial Arts, Boxing, and Wrestling6695
Basketball Movies12762
Sports and Fitness9327
Sports Movies (4370)
Action Thrillers43048
Classic Thrillers46588
Crime Thrillers10499
Foreign Thrillers10306
Independent Thrillers3269
Gangster Movies31851
Psychological Thrillers5505
Political Thrillers10504
Sci-Fi Thrillers11014
Spy Thrillers9147
Steamy Thrillers972
Supernatural Thrillers11140
Thrillers (8933)
British TV Shows52117
Classic TV Shows46553
Crime TV Shows26146
Cult TV Shows74652
Food and Travel TV72436
Kids’ TV27346
Korean TV Shows67879
Military TV Shows25804
Science and Nature TV52780
TV Action and Adventure10673
TV Comedies10375
TV Documentaries10105
TV Dramas11714
TV Horror83059
TV Mysteries4366
TV Sci-Fi and Fantasy1372
Reality TV9833
Teen TV Shows60951
TV Shows (83)

Plex Shortcuts

Navigate leftLeft arrow
Navigate rightRight arrow
Navigate upUp arrow
Navigate downDown arrow
Start playback off highlighted itemP
Toggle played/unplayed statusW
Enter/exit fullscreen mode (Windows)Shift + F11
Enter/exit fullscreen mode (macOS)Cmd + Control + F
Minimize Plex (Windows)Win + Down arrow
Minimize Plex (macOS)Cmd + M
Quit appAlt + F4
Quit appControl + Q / Cmd + Q
App Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts for Plex
Access menuEnter
Volume up+
Volume down
Skip back 10 secondsRight arrow
Jump forward 10 secondsLeft arrow
Jump forward 10 minutesUp arrow
Skip back 10 minutesDown arrow
Cancel playbackX
Stop playback and return to the home screenH
Play the previous item in the queueHome
Play the next item in the queueEnd
Cycle through aspect ratiosZ
Switch to the next audio streamA
Return to the previous audio streamControl + A / Cmd + A
Switch to the next subtitlesL
Playback Keyboard Shortcuts for Plex
Reload appControl + Shift + R / Cmd + Shift + R
Show debug informationControl + Shift + D / Cmd + Shift + D
Troubleshooting Keyboard Shortcuts for Plex

Spotify Shortcuts

Create new playlistCtrl + NCmd + N
Create a new playlist folderCtrl + Shift + NCmd + Shift + N
CutCtrl + XCmd + X
CopyCtrl + CCmd + C
PasteCtrl + VCmd + V
UndoCtrl + ZCmd + Z
RedoCtrl + YCmd + Shift + Z
Select allCtrl + ACmd + A
Basic Chrome Functions Keyboard Shortcuts for Spotify
Next trackCtrl + RightCmd + Right
Previous trackCtrl + LeftCmd + Left
Seek backward/forwardShift + Left/RightCmd + Shift + Left/Right
Play currently selected elementEnterEnter
Toggle shuffle modeCtrl + SCmd + S
Cycle repeat modesCtrl + RCmd + R
Music Playback Keyboard Shortcuts for Spotify
Open Spotify PreferencesCtrl + PCmd + ,(Comma)
Show Spotify helpF1n/a
Log out of your accountCtrl + Shift + WCmd + Shift + W
Quit SpotifyAlt + F4Cmd + Q
Account and App Management Keyboard Shortcuts for Spotify
Zoom inCtrl + Plus (+)Cmd + Plus (+)
Zoom outCtrl + Minus (-)Cmd + Minus (-)
Reset zoom to 100%Ctrl + Zero (0)Cmd + Zero (0)
Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts for Spotify
Go back to the previous screenAlt + LeftCmd + [ or Cmd + Option + Left
Go forward one screenAlt + RightCmd + ] or Cmd + Option + Right
Move the cursor to the Search boxCtrl + LCmd + L
Show Filter box in playlists and Song listCtrl + FCmd + F
Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts for Spotify
Raise volumeCtrl + UpCmd + Up
Lower volumeCtrl + DownCmd + Down
MuteCtrl + Shift + DownCmd + Shift + Down
Set volume to maximumCtrl + Shift + UpCmd + Shift + Up
Volume Keyboard Shortcuts for Spotify
Hide the Spotify windowCmd + H
Hide the other app windowsCmd + Option + H
Close the Spotify windowCmd + W
Minimize windowCmd + M
Restore minimized windowCmd + Option + 1
macOS-Only Keyboard Shortcuts for Spotify

Music For Mac Shortcuts

Open preferencesCommand + Comma
Quit the appCommand + Q
EjectCommand + E
Open helpCommand + ?
Open a different music libraryOption + Command + (while opening Music)
RefreshCommand + R
General Keyboard Shortcuts in Music for macOS
Play from beginningReturn
Track forward or backOption + Command + Right/left arrow
StopCommand + Full stop
Play the next/previous songRight/left arrow
Play the next/previous albumOption + Right/left arrow
Display currently playingCommand + L
Display the Playing Next listOption + Command + U
Increase volumeCommand + Up arrow
Decrease volumeCommand + Down arrow
Open the equalizerOption + Command + E
Go to the next or last chapterShift + Command + Right/left arrow
Stream an audio file from a URLCommand + U
Playing Keyboard Shortcuts in Music for macOS
Create a new playlistCommand + N
Create a playlist from a selection of songsShift + Command + N
Create a new Smart PlaylistOption + Command + N
Start Genius ShuffleOption + Space
Delete the selected playlistCommand + Delete
Delete the selected playlist, and its songs, from your libraryOption + Delete
Delete the selected song from your library and all playlistsOption + Delete
Playlists Keyboard Shortcuts in Music for macOS
Search in the iTunes StoreType in the search field and press Option + Return
Next or previous pageCommand + Right/left bracket
ReloadCommand + R
iTunes Store Keyboard Shortcuts in Music for macOS
Import a file to your libraryCommand + O
Show where a song file is locatedShift + Command + R
Select the search fieldCommand + F
Undo your last input when editingCommand + Z
Cut information or artworkCommand + X
Copy information or artworkCommand + C
Paste information or artworkCommand + V
Select all the songs in the listCommand + A
Show or hide the column browserCommand + B
Deselect all the songs on the listShift + Command + A
Select or deselect all the songs in a listCommand + click the tickbox
Manage Library Keyboard Shortcuts in Music for macOS