State of Health IT Infrastructure

Digital transformation remains a top priority for healthcare organizations looking to reduce IT infrastructure costs and improve the performance and reliability of technology to support data-driven clinical innovation. By working with a trusted strategic partner, healthcare organizations can bring predictability to their infrastructure and shift their efforts to supporting innovations in patient care that contribute […]

COVID-19’s Lasting Impact on the Pharma Healthcare Industry

The ongoing digital transformation of the healthcare industry has been greatly accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic. The Medscape Professional Network, the leading online destination for physicians worldwide, interviewed a series of respected physicians and healthcare professionals in their latest article on how the pandemic has impacted the way they manage their practice. This article also […]

Going Digital in the Field Services Industry

Learn the benefits and opportunities that the digital revolution offers for the field service industry. As we venture into a new digital technology age, the business world is undergoing a shift into integrated services through cloud computing and digitization. The digital revolution offers enhanced benefits and opportunities to the field service industry-transforming customer-facing processes and […]

Using Operational Data to Monetize 5G Digital Transformation for Industry 4.0

Being prepared for the increased capabilities of 5G, and how they stand to change operations, is the best way for companies to move forward into a new age and capitalize on the volume of new data generated. As businesses grow more familiar and comfortable with Industry 4.0, operational data does not just present monetization opportunities […]

Accelerating Digital Transformation through Hyper-Converged Solutions

With IT complexity growing, digital transformation may be getting sidetracked. How can you overcome this challenge? By combining hyper-converged infrastructure with enterprise-class hyper-availability, this will help overcome this challenge. What’s Happening: IT and Business executives are racing to digitize their business at the core; in return, they become a digital business. What’s the problem: IT […]