Breaking New Ground with Relationship-Based Observability

In recent years, the concept of Observability has arisen in an attempt to address the persistent risk to a company’s digital experiences and business applications as IT environments continue to become more complex and more dynamic. Relationship-Based Observability breaks new ground by adding 3 new capabilities to help companies detect, prevent, and rapidly resolve incidents. […]

Digital Transformation: What’s New and What’s Next?

The way we work has changed – perhaps forever. Companies have been required to embrace technical advancements with extraordinary speed to help digitize their processes and optimize their workforce. Read on this article to better understand key digital transformation initiatives that your company needs to embrace to stay relevant and excel in the “new normal” […]

Global Macro Trends for IT infrastructure to Solve Digital Transformation Challenges

GXI Vol. 4 tracks shifts in the digital economy and their impacts on digital business. Explore how leaders use their digital infrastructure to fuel growth, where it’s happening and how you can use interconnection to stay competitive. How has 2020 affected the digital economy, and what must leaders do now to remain competitive in it? […]