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Simple Guide to Break into Mysterious Edward Mansion in Another Code Recollection

Edward Mansion is the main setting of Another Code: Recollection, a Nintendo Switch remake of two cult-classic games. It has new graphics and puzzles. To enter the mansion, you need to solve some puzzles in the graveyard.

Simple Guide to Break into Mysterious Edward Mansion in Another Code Recollection

How to Break into the Edward Mansion?

Go to the front gate, but it’s locked. Go right and find a path to the graveyard. There are three headstones with clover symbols and birds. Take pictures with your DAS. The left headstone has a bird with two clover leaves. The middle one has two birds with a four-leaf clover. The right one has a bird with something broken.

Find a door with a lock and clover designs. Match the designs with the headstones. The left one is two clover leaves. The middle one is a four-leaf clover. The right one is two clover leaves sideways.

Open the door and go to the courtyard. The house door has two bird knockers. Follow the dark bricks on the path: Right, left, right, left, right, both. This will unlock the door and let you enter the mansion. Beware of what you’ll find inside!

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