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AI-900: Azure Blob Storage: The Best Choice for Streaming Media

Learn why Azure Blob Storage is the most suitable service for storing streaming video and audio in Azure cloud, and how it compares to other Azure storage services.


Tradewind Traders is planning to migrate to Azure cloud services however management has asked you to research some of the main features of cloud storage. Which of the following is the most suitable for the storage of streaming video and audio?

A. Azure Files Storage
B. Azure Storage Tiers
C. Azure Blob Storage
D. Azure Disk Storage


C. Azure Blob Storage


Blob Storage is ideal for serving images or documents directly to a browser, storing files for distributed access, and streaming media.

The correct answer is C. Azure Blob Storage. Azure Blob Storage is a massively scalable object store for text and binary data, such as streaming video and audio. Azure Blob Storage supports three types of blobs: block blobs, append blobs, and page blobs. Block blobs are optimized for streaming and storing cloud-native objects, and are a good choice for storing media files. Append blobs are similar to block blobs, but are designed for append operations, such as logging. Page blobs are optimized for random read and write operations, and are used to store virtual hard disks (VHDs) for Azure virtual machines (VMs).

Azure Files Storage is a service that provides managed file shares for cloud or on-premises deployments. Azure Files Storage can be used to lift and shift applications that use standard SMB 3.0 protocol to Azure without any code changes. Azure Files Storage also supports Azure File Sync, which enables caching and synchronization of Azure file shares across Windows servers and clients.

Azure Storage Tiers are not a separate service, but a feature of Azure Blob Storage and Azure managed Disks. Azure Storage Tiers allow you to optimize the cost and performance of your storage by choosing between three tiers: hot, cool, and archive. Hot tier is for frequently accessed data that requires high performance and low latency. Cool tier is for infrequently accessed data that can tolerate slightly lower availability and higher latency. Archive tier is for rarely accessed data that requires offline storage and has the lowest storage cost.

Azure Disk Storage is a service that provides high-performance, durable block storage for Azure VMs. Azure Disk Storage offers four types of disks: ultra disks, premium SSDs, standard SSDs, and standard HDDs. Each disk type has different performance and cost characteristics, and can be used for different scenarios. For example, ultra disks are the best choice for data-intensive workloads that require sub-millisecond latency and high throughput, such as SAP HANA, SQL Server, and Oracle databases.

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Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 certification exam practice question and answer (Q&A) dump

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